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391 Luxury Event Company Names Ideas To Attract Customers

Event Company name ideas
Written by Danish Ali

There are a lot of event company names out there, but only one will be the perfect fit for your business. Whether you’re just starting up or have been in the industry for years, finding that perfect name can seem like an endless process. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you find that special name! We hope it helps you as much as it has helped us!

I know finding the perfect event company name can be tough. You want something that is memorable, but not too long or complicated to spell. Planning an event is always stressful but it doesn’t have to be when you hire the right people for your team. This blog post will give you some tips on hiring the perfect party planner so that your events go off without a hitch every time!

From A-Z, we have it all! Whether you’re looking for wordy names or short and sweet ones, we gotcha covered. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find: “Pepperdine” has a nice ring to it while “Exposed Events” is more on the edgy side. Check out our list below and see if there’s anything that suits your fancy!

Unique Names For Event Management Companies

  • Slate & Crystal Events.
  • Indigo Event Planning.
  • That Prom Event.
  • Tie the Knot Events.
  • Black Tie Manners.
  • You’ve Got This Events.
  • Olive Us Events & Ideas.
  • Dreams and Visions Events.
  • The Art of Hanging Out.
  • Your Day to Shine Events.
  • Love is in the Air Event Planning.
  • Milk Maids & Champagne Toasties.
  • Sunset to Monaco Events & Weddings.
  • No Pineapple Left Behind Events.
  • Manhattan Hill Productions.
  • In the Garden Event Production Company.
  • A to Z Events And Adventures LLC.
  • Sugar and Spice Catering, Inc.
  • Kiss Your Cook Events LLC.
  • Liquor & Chew LLC.
  • Sunset to Monaco Events.
  • The Royal Group LLC.
  • Spark Society Incorporated.
  • Mockingbird Company,
  • Starry Eyes Events, LLC.
  • Sky’s the Limit Parties
  • Missing Diamond Events
  • Reign of Radiance Events.
  • Cordon Bleu Interactive
  • Vine Tale Events,
  • J&L Parties Incorporated.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Celebrations,
  • The Lucky 7 Company,
  • Fontaine Duvall Events
  • Grand Getaways  
  • Family Matters
  • Heartfelt Events, LLC.
  • Building Blocks
  • A Dash of Panache.
  • Sunflower Creative Group, Inc
  • The Art & Soul Company.
  • Sunset to Monaco Events.
  • Confetti and Punch LLC.
  • Beyond the Farm Events and Weddings.
  • Tonight’s Events LLC.
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie Event Planning.
  • Starry Eyes Events, LLC.
  • Liquor & Chew LLC.
  • Leaves of Gold Events, Inc.
  • The Sweet Tooth Company, Incorporated.
  • Alliante Group LLC .

Event Management Company Names

  • By Us Events
  • Events By Us
  • We Do It All
  • Experience Fun Events Ltd
  • Ultimate Event Organizers
  • Eternal Event Co. Ltd.
  • Evolve Event Management Company Pvt Ltd
  • Events World Ltd.
  • Excellence In Managements Pvt.Ltd
  • Eventology [Country Name]Pvt Ltd
  • Evento Event Management Pvt Ltd
  • Ace Events [Country Name] Private Limited
  • Sparkle Events and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
  • Unlimited Event Management Company Pvt Ltd
  • Loud Events
  • Elegant Events Pvt. Ltd
  • Catch The Party!Pvt. Ltd .
  • Unforgettable Events Private Limited
  • Unique Event Management Company [Country Name]Limited
  • Divine Event & Entertainment
  • Event Prowl Private Limited
  • Dynamic Events & Entertainment
  • The Great Event
  • Phaze Event Management
  • Tapestry Productions
  • Classic Events
  • Enchanting Event
  • Luminous Event
  • Unequalled Events Private Limited
  • Dynamic Event
  • Adept Event
  • Eclipse Event Managements .
  • Uniquely Yours
  • Exceptional Event
  • Dynamic Events
  • Future Events Managements .
  • Royal Event & Entertainment Private Limited .
  • Omnificent Event
  • Superb Event Management
  • Spectrum Event Management .
  • Red Carpet Event Management Private Limited .
  • Elegant Events Pvt.Ltd
  • Exceeding Events & Entertainment
  • Entertainment Unlimited .
  • The Best Of All Entertainment .
  • Everlastings
  • The Memories Company
  • Eternal Events & Entertainments Pvt Ltd .
  • Expressive Event Mgt.Company
  • Glamourous Entertainment & Events Pvt Ltd .
  • Eventzillion.
  • Unequaled Event Management Company [Country Name] Limited .
  • Evento Productions Private Limited .

Event Planning Business Names

If you are looking for a unique name with bright color then Event Planning Company Names can be a perfect choice. Event planners play an important role in arranging small events as well as big ones. This world is now running towards success and everyone wants to achieve their goals within a short time with extra effort.

  • The Celebration Company
  • A Celebration of Love
  • Love & Happiness Events
  • Celebrate the Dream
  • Lifestyles Unlimited Event Planning
  • All About Celebrations,
  • Together We Celebrate! Events,
  • Exclusive Celebrations,
  • Your Big Day! Fete,
  • Your Big Day
  • Special Celebrations,
  • Celebrate Everything!
  • Golden Moments Events,
  • A Performa Experience
  • Art of Love and Joy
  • Your Special Event Company
  • We Do It All for You,
  • Our Name is Our Word,
  • Our Name Speaks for Itself,
  • Unforgettable Moments
  • Perfect Celebrations
  • Exquisite Events and Design
  • Your Special Day,
  • The Celebration Company
  • We Do The Work So You Can Enjoy Your Special Day!
  • Celebrate the Moments of Your Life,
  • A Timeless Journey,
  • An Enchanted Gathering,
  • A Moment in Time,
  • Essence of Life Events.
  • Golden Surprise Celebrations
  • Unforgettable Moments in Time
  • Miracle Moments,
  • A Timeless Journey,
  • We Do It All For You!
  • Expect the Unexpected,
  • The Best of Dreams,
  • Timeless Forever.

Unique Names For Wedding Planning Business

  • Crowd Planner
  • Dream Wedding Planner
  • Hungry For Love Events And Planning
  • Elegant Bride & Groom
  • Unique Wedding Decoration Designers
  • Phoenix Event Planners
  • Passionately Weddings
  • Trendy Destination Weddings
  • Wedding Party Network
  • Planner For The Party Of Your Dreams
  • Creative Event Designers
  • Peachy Events
  • Lovely Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Planner Connections
  • Weddings By Design By Diane Fuller
  • Celebrations by [Your Name]
  • Twilight Weddings and Events
  • Event Fashion And Design
  • Wedding Decorators Los Angeles
  • Wed Chic Events
  • Elite Wedding Planners
  • Fine Art Weddings
  • Deco Glamour Designs
  • Mystic Dreams Events
  • Love Days Events And Deco
  • Posh Wedding Planner
  • Special Occasion Planner
  • Wedding PlanIt Now!
  • Big Day Tips Weddings and Parties
  • Unique & Posh Party Supplies By [Your Name]
  • Passionately Weddings Wedding Planners
  • Chicago Wedding Consultants
  • Elegant Affairs
  • Wedding Planners Boston
  • Totally Weddings And Events Youngstown Ohio
  • Dream Weddings & Events
  • Long Island Weddings,
  • The Glam Squad By [Your Name]
  • Wedding Planner By [Your Name]
  • Unique Wedding Planners
  • Fun And Funky Weddings
  • Elegant Events Of Central Ohio
Event Management Company name ideas
Event Management Company name ideas

Event Planning Company Names

  • Vintage Love Bridal
  • 101 Weddings and a Party Planner
  • Cute Nuptials Calling
  • Milestones Wedding and Events Consultants
  • Wedding Vows Unlimited, Inc.
  • Cupid’s Arrow Weddings and Events
  • Making Memories Ever After Event Consulting
  • The Bride’s Helper, Inc.
  • Hartley & Hathaway Special Occasion Planning
  • A Passion for Parties, LLC
  • Marry Me! Wedding and Events Company
  • Smarty Pants Events, LLC
  • Blue Skies Unlimited Event Planning
  • Affair of Love Events & Design, LLC
  • Sparkles and Lace, LLC
  • Journey through Time Events, Inc.
  • The Dream Company Weddings and Special Events
  • Bella Notte Weddings and Events, LLC.   
  • Hello Forever Wedding and Event Planning
  • Elegance With a Twist Weddings & Events, LLC
  • The One Day One Dream Company
  • Picture This Special Occasions
  • Love Unlimited: A Wedding Concierge Company
  • Wedding Bliss Unlimited, Inc.
  • Jennifer’s Celebrations, L.L.C.
  • One Heart Wedding and Event Planning, Inc.
  • A Touch of Elegance & Style Event Design & Planning LLC
  • Affairs to Remember Events, Inc.
  • A Perfect Event, Inc.
  • Truly Yours Special Occasions, LLC
  • Affairs in the Air, LLC
  • Jordan’s Wedding Specialist & Designers
  • Wedding Visions Unlimited
  • Elegant Affairs Marketing Group, Inc

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Party Planning Business Names

  • Jolly Affairs
  • Pleasure Events
  • Fun Matters
  • Entertaining Events Company
  • Entertaining Made Easy
  • Pleasure Parties
  • Party People
  • Jolly Craftsmen
  • The Party Time Pro’s
  • Easy Celebrations
  • Lively Service Express LLC
  • Entertaining Made Simple Inc.
  • Celebrate Best, Inc.
  • Jet-Setting Parties, Inc.
  • Party Planner Experts, LLC
  • Planning Pleasure, Inc.
  • Jolly Good Timez Partyz
  • Mirthful Celebrations, Inc.
  • Fun Craftsmen, Inc.
  • Jolly Expertise Company
  • Crafty Event Planners, LLC
  • An Affair to Remember
  • Celebrate It One LLC
  • Party Planners, Inc.
  • Jolly Celebrations, Inc.
  • An Affair to Remember Events and Entertainment, LLC
  • Parties by Jolly Good Timez Partyz, Inc.
  • Mirthful Jollifications, Inc.
  • Saying Cheers and Toasting You Too, Inc.
  • Party Planner Professionals, Inc.
  • Mirthful Celebrations Corp.
  • Affair to Remember Parties, LLC
  • Happiness by Jolly Good Timez Partyz, Inc.
  • Jolly Expertise LLC
  • Fun Matters Company, Inc.
  • Plan It Pleasantly, LLC
  • Party Planners Professionals, LLC
  • Party Done Day, Inc.
  • Jolly Expertise, LLC
  • Planning Pleasure Company, Inc.
  • Affair to Remember
  • Happiness by Jolly Good Timez Partyz, Inc.

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Luxury Event Company Names

  1. Beyond Event Productions
  2. Stupendous Events
  3. Adrenalin Productions
  4. Epic Productions  
  5. Supreme Production House
  6. Intrepid events Inc.
  7. Jubilant Entertainment Agency  
  8. Exquisite Events and Promotions   
  9. Alluring Nights
  10. Elite Events Agency
  11. Incomparable Productions   
  12. Sensational Affair Event Management
  13. Event Gallery
  14. Luxurious events Inc.
  15. Magnificent Evening Inc.  
  16. Fabulous Promotions and Masterpieces.
  17. Velvet Entertainment Agency
  18. Luxury Event Company
  19. Royal Night Production
  20. Opulent Events Incorporated   
  21. Elegant Affair Promotions   
  22. Magnificent Entertainment Agency
  23. Event Gallery Ltd.
  24. Delightful Event Promotion      
  25. Exquisite Events and Promolutions   
  26. Grand Gala Event Management.
  27. Elegant Evening
  28. Event Gallery
  29. Bespoke Event Management           
  30. Distinguished Events Inc.
  31. Beyond Imagination Event Productions      
  32. Royal Production House LLC       
  33. The Best Events Company         
  34. Elegant Perfection Promotions Ltd.                       
  35. Crowned Event Solutions LTD

If you are still looking for the perfect name, please remember to take into consideration things like domain availability and trademarking before finalizing your decision. Good luck!

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Wedding Planner Business Names

  • Dream Wedding Planner
  • Nowdays Planner
  • Dream Wedding Planner
  • Perfect Weddings Event Planner
  • Wedding Organizer
  • Right planner for you
  • Your wish
  • Unforgettable Wedding Planner
  • The Perfect Wedding Planner!
  • The Wedding Planners
  • Your dream wedding planner
  • Unforgettable Wedding Planner
  • Your dream wedding planner!
  • The Perfect Wedding Planner !
  • Dream Wedding Planners…
  • Unique Wedding Planners
  • Your Perfect Wedding Planner
  • Pure Gold Events & Weddings
  • The wedding planner you will dream of!
  • Wedding Services To Remember. The perfect match.
  • Miss Perfect – Your Personal wedding planner!!
  • Good wedding planner
  • Mr. And Mrs. Perfect Wedding Planner
  • Your Dream Wedding Planner!
  • The Best Wedding Planner Ever!!!
  • Sugarplum Event Planning & Design
  • Perfect Weddings Event Planner
  • My Happiness Events & Weddings
  • Every Bride’s Dream Wedding Planner …

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Test Your Business Name

Your business name is one of the most important aspects of your company. It’s better not to have too many words, as this will make it difficult for people searching online and could cause confusion with other companies in similar fields that also use shorter names like yours!

It’s crucial you test drive different options before settling on something permanent – just remember not all possible combinations need testing because there may be restrictions from trademark laws or regionally sensitive keywords, but at least go through each option carefully by trying out logos along with side variations such as typeface usage.

Check Name availability

This is also a crucial step in registering your company. Make sure that you have checked the availability and it’s not already taken by another person or firm! There may be other considerations like approval from authorities, but this should ultimately lead to an easy registration process if done correctly


This list of event company names is a great resource for anyone who needs to name their business. You can use some or all of these ideas, and you may be able to find the perfect one on this list!

This guide should help you to learn what can make your business grow quickly. You Comment below to tell us your favorite luxury event company name! We’ve compiled a list of 391 different names for you, but we know there are plenty more out there. What’s the most creative and catchy name that comes to mind?

Event Management Company name ideas
Event Management Company name ideas

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