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17 Types Of Business name with Realtime Examples.

Types of Business name
Written by Danish Ali

There are many types of Business name methods, ways, and strategies, that are helpful to create a memorable and unique name for your business. Your business has a lot to gain, or lose, in your choice of name. Your business name is the gateway to your products and services and by default, your livelihood. A good business name gives your target audience an indication of what your business does.

Every company wants a name that is stand out all over the market. The brand name is a guideline to the customer what your business for, what you want to sell, whats your services are. A brand name makes your business unique from others.

There are various directions you can take when it comes to generating business name ideas. You can think about how to structure your name using a variety of business name types.
There are hundreds of styles and types of business names. consider these Brand Name Type that will definitely help you generate a lot of ideas to give you a sense of what you are and are not looking for in a name. Use these Brand Name Types to develop a powerful, unique and memorable name ideas for your business.

Types of business name with examples
Types of business name with examples

17 Types of Business Name with Realtime Examples

There are different types of a business name in the market. But here are the Unique types of a business name.

1. The Abstract/Made up Business name:

Made-up names can be short, cute, and very distinctive. these name that either made up or whose origins are unclear that’s why they don’t have a proper meaning. For instant Meeto, Bebo, simply, etc

2. The Real Words Business names :

Names that are common and simple.they are made by reusing the common dictionary words. for instance, yelp, Fox, Shadow, Expo, swoop, etc. Most of the time these type of name haven’t any description. These names are short and come ready-made but to secure the domine of real words names are more costly.

3. The Misspelled Business name:

Names that are creating by misspelled or re-arranging to make them more attractive and distinctive. For example topix (topics), zoomr (zoomer), lyft (left).
these name addresses domain issues. Due to the difficult spelling of your brand name you may lose your targeted customer.when your brand name is hard to spell there are more chances to forget that also causes redirect your customer to other brands.

4. The Compounds Business name:

These name consisting two common words to make a new name or concept.these are more unique and interesting. New meaning can be created through the combination of words that are not typically used together. The right combination of compound words is easy to remember because of their uniqueness. Such as FireFox, SnapChat, YouTube, etc. There is no drawback for these words that’s why these compound words are a more popular type of business name.

5. The Business Name story:

It’s good to have some kind of story behind your Business name for when people ask. It’s something that clients are often interested in. A story behind the name is a good way to connect with them and help with branding, For example, the story behind the name of Apple company.

6. The Functional Business Name:

These type of name are useful for how to want a name that describes exactly what their business does For example, “Jam’s printings” its directly describe that its printing business name.

7. The Phrases Business name:

Putting word together and make a meaningful name by following some rules. Phrases names can belong e.g SixApart, iLike, rawsugar, Ready to rise, StumbleUpon, etc.

8. Business Name by Emotions:

Use the emotions in your business name that show emotion through brand name e.g Dairy Milk that shows we use dairy milk to manufacture chocolate.

9. The Blends Business name:

By blending two or more words and make a new one in which at least one word is recognizable. such as PubSub (publish + subscribe), Skype (sky + peer-to-peer), Sharpcast (sharp + broadcast), etc. when words properly blend it makes a short and elegant name but if it does not work they can be awkward.

10. The Tweaked Business name:

These words that are created by a bit change in spelling or pronunciations by replacing or adding letters e.g eSnips, iPhone, iTunes, Wikia, etc

11. The Affixed Business name:

These names are generated by mixing a real word with prefix or suffix. Sometimes these names sound contrived. Such as Feedster (Feed + ster), Findory (Find + ory), etc

12. The Founder/people Business Name:

Some business name is perceptible as a people’s name.it may also the name of a founder of the company. These names are short and give personality to a company. For example, Toyota is based on the name of founder Sakichi Toyoda.

13. The Initials and Acronyms Business name:

These names are the abbreviation of a long-phrase name. Sometimes these are made up of the first letter of each word. The name provides short name to a lengthy name.these are descriptive phrases. These names are mostly used by big organizations. Such as NAB (National Accountability Bureau), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

14. The Brandable Business Name:

The biggest advantage of choosing a brandable name lies in its brandability. As consumers use and enjoy your product, your name develops a definition that describes what your company offers.

15. Business Name By Locations:

By using/inspiring the name of places or location as a business name. Starbucks was originally inspired by a town called starbo.

16. Out of Context Business Name:

Choosing a random word and using it as a business name that is even not related to your business For Example Apple.

17. Foreign Language Business Name:

Last but Important, Selecting some words from another language that is related to your business and use them as a business name. For example, Elcreader is a Turkish word that means Constructers.

Some Final Thoughts

Hope these Business Name Types are useful for you while creating your business name Always Remember “A brand name makes your business unique from others.”
When you are unsure where to begin, review these strategies and make an informed decision on a name that will resonate with your customers and excite curiosity. After all, you only have one business name, get it right.

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