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Create a business name
Written by Danish Ali

Selecting the wrong name of your company is one of the biggest reason of business hurdles to growing and also fail to connect with the customer. you want the right name for your startup that has a great impact on your success. Create a business name that makes an impact on the market. Deciding your startup name is just like to naming a newborn baby or getting a creative tattoo. As it’s very hard to change because it requires a huge effort that’s why you try it to do best in the first attempt.

Always remember A bad name is forgettable, confusing and a good, clear and powerful name is memorable so Create a business name that indicates what your business does and performs a bulky portion of promotion and marketing for your brand. A good name saves pretty much money that you have to spend on advertising to clarifying what your business does.

Before you name your business or company let’s have a look at some key point and suggestions that help you to come up with Creative branded name.

Create a Company name
Create a Company name

What’s in a Business Name.

  1. Do homeWork and Make a list.
  2. Make sure you Choose Unique and unforgettable name
  3. Meaningful name.
  4. Avoid hard-to-spell names.
  5. Avoid unusual spellings.
  6. choose Easy to pronounce and remember
  7. Keep it simple
  8. Make some sense
  9. Give it a test.
  10. Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud.
  11. Avoiding picking a name that could be limiting as your business grows.
  12. Conduct a thorough Internet search.
  13. Make sure you are personally happy with the name.

Read them deeply and get to know how to create a business name for your Company.

1. Do homeWork and Make a list:

The first thing you have to do is brainstorming. All options are on the table when you’re brainstorming make a list of each and every single thing that you want in your brand. These can be anything a word or a line or descriptive. it’s anything that you want people to think when they hear or see the name of your brand. You are not able to create a business name that conveys exactly the message but it should give a hint about what your business does.

2. Make sure you Choose Unique and unforgettable Business name:

A good Business name is memorable, gives your target audience an indication of what your business does. Every company wants a name that is stand out over all If you want something truly unique, give up basing your name in anything you’re already familiar with and try to invent something completely new and unique.

3. Your business name is Meaningful:

Do you want your customer to think of your brand as something functional that they need in their lives? you want the business name to convey something meaningful and positive related to your business. Can people instantly get what your business is about? then think and find a unique, creative, attractive and meaningful name that delivers exact meaning and message of your brand. Also, guide them about what your brand does.

4. Avoid hard-to-spell names:

You never want to confuse your customer about how to find your business online. Due to the difficult spelling of your brand name you may lose your targeted customer.If your brand name is hard to spell your targeted customer misspell the brand name so they may redirect to others brand. When the name of your brand is easy to spell then there are fewer chances of forgetting the brand name.

5. Avoid unusual spellings:

When you do have a nice, long list to go through, parse it down to a few that are not too long, not too confusing, but also not too short or cute to accurately give people a taste of what your brand is about. Make sure you are not using unwanted spelling in your name that makes your brand name lengthy. Keep it short and simple.

5. Choose Easy to pronounce and rememberable:

Create a Business name of your brand keep in mind the name should be easy to pronounce, Because easy to pronounce things are easy to remember.

6. Keep it simple:

It is very important to make sure that you grab your desired business name as simple as possible. Because the simple and attractive name is much easier to remember rather than difficult ones.

7. Make some sense:

Try to adopt a business name that provides some information about what your business does. Make a connection of a name with your brand. Think about when the customer see or hear your brand name what comes into their mind is it same with that your brand does. It’s good to have some kind of story behind your Business name for when people ask. It’s something that clients are often interested in. A story behind the name is a good way to connect with them and help with branding, For example, the story behind the name of Apple company.

8. Avoiding picking a name that could be limiting as your business grows:

Think about what makes your business name unique from others, who is your targeted customer, what you want them to take away from their experience your brand, what you want them to think of your brand. Picking too narrow of a name may cause you problems down the road. You don’t want to limit your business to a particular product or a specific city. For example, you start a shoemaking business and name your brand “heels in London”.

9. Give it a test:

When you come up with some different names then give it a try or test by asking some question about the names to your customer, inventers and your co-workers to see the impression or interest about names. Get feedback from your target audience and make sure that the name doesn’t contain any negative meaning.

11. Conduct a thorough Internet search:

Once you know what you want your brand to say via its name do a web search on the name. Sometimes the name you choose for your brand maybe someone else already use. If a name is taken create another business name.

12. Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud:

You don’t want a boring name for your business, but you also don’t want to choose something that’s too “out there”. Sometimes you choose a name that looks good when you see but confusing when you pronounce so make sure you choose a name when you pronounce it clears the spelling of your brand name.

13. Make sure you are personally happy with the name:

When you finalize the name after a long procedure and steps make sure the name satisfies you. Because as an owner of your business you are only the person that lives with the name for a long time.

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Some Final Thoughts:

Now you are able to create a business name that attracts more customers and give your business a 2x Boost. If you have any query let us know via email at or comment below

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