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101 Catchy Optical Store Name ideas to Double Shop Sales.

Catchy Optical store name ideas
Written by Danish Ali

Are you Start an optical store/shop and need Optical store name ideas? Starting a new business is a difficult step but the most difficult work is Choosing the right name that helps to convey a message of your brand.
After Deep research and analysis, we came up with new names that finish your choosing the right name problem.

A Name Can Make Your Business a Brand

you may be thinking that what`s in a name? Now whatever you give a name to your business. People remember your Business from that name. Startups fail because one of the main reason is choosing the wrong name for their product, service or business. people don`t know what kind of business or product do you have. your name can`t give them a proper message. So Nothing to worry about that here is Complete Guide about Choosing the right optical store name.

Complete Guide: How To Choose an Optical Store Name Ideas

So after this complete process how to Choose your business Name. you are able to give a right attractive name to your optical store. the right name for your Optical store business.

First Step – Know How to Name an Optical store That attracts customers.

Starting a business in this world is easy but there is too much competition. every businessman wants to win a race of business. Now it’s your time to beat competitor from your business first step. Give the right name to your optical store and win this race. here are some important factors we are talking about to know how to name your business.

What is your target audience?

In this step, first, you want to know what is your target audience? because your name attracts an audience. So you know about your audience their desires, interest and what kind of things they buy. why they prefer you? etc. There are hundreds of questions in your mind. Now answer every little question. Take a pencil and answer some important questions When you name your business.

  1. What kind of Optical store business you have?
  2. What is your Target Audience? Write their Age, Demographic, location, interest, and Gender?
  3. Who is Your Competitor? Write down all the names.
  4. Do you have a unique Selling Purpose (USP)?
  5. Which points makes you unique from your competitors and give you strengthen?
  6. Do a swot analysis of your optical shop.
  7. What is your Big Idea That makes you unique?
  8. Your Business Scope?
  9. What are Your Skills and Expertise?
  10. How Much Capital Do You Need To Start Business?
  11. How Much you afford to spend your budget on marketing?

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Step 2- Choose your Optical Store brand archetype.

brand archetype Wheel Circle with Example
Brand Archetype Wheel Circle

The 12 Brands Archetypes All Successful businesses are built on.

97% of businesses name stand without archetypes. They don`t know what is archetypes and give a name to their business. But you are here because you didn’t want any single mistake so Choose an archetype in which your optical store exists.

Top 10 Optical Store names in USA .

Here are the USA top 10 optical store name ideas for your inspiration and get idea from those.

  • America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses
  • Manhattan grand optical
  • view optical eyeglasses store
  • silver lining opticians
  • Devonshire optical
  • Target optical
  • good see co.
  • werby parker
  • Lens Crafters
  • Anthony Aiden opticians

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Top 10 Optical store Business names in Canada.

In Canada here are top 10 optical store name ideas from Canada then we jump into the next Step.

  • Minh Chau optical
  • optical thirty 8
  • The optic Zone inc
  • 312 optical store
  • Bruce Eyewear Inc.
  • Clearly
  • Modern Optical
  • Economy Optical
  • Ollie Quinn
  • The optical Store

Now you have an idea about optical store names From real-world examples.

For Complete guide about what Types of business name suit you visit:

Step 3 – How to Name Your Optical Store. [Brainstorming].

The most important step is Brainstorming. in this step we brainstorm and get every single idea on notepad or paper. before naming your company, you keep in mind that the company name has those factors.

  1. Your name is descriptive.
  2. Name is not too general or vague
  3. Use only related words in a creative way to get unique optical store name.
  4. Your name should be simple and bold.
  5. Don’t copy a name from your competitor.
  6. Avoid using your own name because of Trend changes.
  7. Choose a right optical shop name that’s scalable
  8. Make sure you have a related domain name.
Furniture Company Name Length
Company name Length Metrics

According to a survey, The best optical companies name is between 15- 35 keywords. So keep this survey in mind and think out of Box.

Optical Store Name Types:

  1. Acronyms.The first letter from the name. (eg. IKEA, TJX)
  2. Mash-ups. combine two words (eg. Hand+ Stone = HandStone)
  3. Get inspiration from literature. (eg. Sahara)
  4. Use foreign words. (eg. Hunerkeda, Maisons du Monde )
  5. Use any symbol to represent your optical store (eg. Noway, Circle Square)
  6. Remove or add an extra letter to name your Optical shop. (eg. Canforama)
  7. Pick a word from the dictionary (eg. Eyepecker)

Now you know what kind of archetype your store has. What type of name suit your optical store. SO here are some optical store ideas that help you to choose the right name for your optical store.

Optical store name ideas
Optical store name ideas

Optical store name Ideas list.

Here is 100+ Optical Shop name ideas.

  • Eyeland
  • eye 8 optics
  • Clear Eye
  • clear vision
  • eye2eye
  • focus
  • eyezone
  • 6by6
  • just optics
  • new vision
  • sight
  • optical world
  • c world
  • opticraft
  • sun sight
  • opti wear
  • eye revision
  • eyefit Optics
  • fix it opticals
  • winky
  • bright sight
  • aluetions
  • glass sight
  • eye 4 u
  • blink shlink
  • Lazy Eye
  • Crazy Bobs Eye Service!
  • Cyclops Eyebuffing
  • Screwplate Eyecare
  • Stick in the Eye
  • Blind Willys Fashion Specs
  • In and Out Eyecare
  • Shaky’s Eyepatch
  • Ductape Eyewear
  • Geeky Glasses
  • Aye Eye Cap’n
  • Chucky Funs Glasses Zone
  • Glasses ‘n Things
  • McEye’s
  • The Eyes Have it
  • Performance Eyeware
  • The Eye Store
  • Eye Eye Eye
  • Lumos Optical
  • Light Eyes
  • The Eye Shop
  • Precious Eyes
  • The Seen Store

Catchy Optical Store Name

  • For Eyes Only
  • Peeper Keepers
  • We See You
  • Here’s To Your Eyes
  • Vision’s
  • Two Eyes
  • Eye Balls
  • An Eye For An Eye
  • Lenses R Us
  • Eyes R Us
  • The Better To See You With
  • Lens Me An Eye
  • Eye Catching (Catchers)
  • Blinks
  • Blink Of An Eye
  • Eye Love Eyes
  • Two Lenses
  • Blinkers
  • Peepers
  • Roaming Eyes
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • Here’s Looking At You
  • Looking Glass (Glasses)
  • Look Here
  • Optical Illusions
  • Seeing is Believing
  • Eye Popping (Poppers)
  • Eyes With A View
  • Nu View
  • View Us
  • View Finders
  • View Awhile
  • View A New
How to Choose optical Store name
Magical formula to Choose optical Store name

Magical Secret To Choose a Business name.

In this World Everyone wants magic so We are here to present you a million dollar Magical formula to you. Multi-National Companies choose their name from this method and some companies charge thousands of dollars and use this method to come up with unique optical store name ideas.

  1. [Keyword] 
  2. [Keyword]+ Optics
  3.  [Keyword]+ Opticals
  4.  [Keyword]+ Eyewear
  5.  Opticals + [Keyword]
  6.  [Keyword]+ Society
  7.  [Keyword]+ Centre
  8.  The [Keyword] Optics
  9.  Its [Keyword] Eyewear
  10.  [Keyword]+ [Keyword]
  11.  Location + [Keyword]
  12.  [Keyword]+ Location + Hub

Now Put all your keyword into this Formula and you came up with more than 500 names idea.

Step 4 – Shortlist Few Decent Optical Shop Names.

Now you have 500+ unique optical shop name ideas but you need a perfect one. So shortlist some of the best names that you think is perfect and attract an audience.

  • Choose 25 names and make it a shortlist content
  • After that Filter more names and choose just 15 Names.
  • Now remove 5 more and than you have top 10 optical store name ideas.

Now you have a name but the question is rise that maybe your chosen name was taken by another company so in the next step we check availability.

Step 5 – Check Optical store name availability.

now you have more than ten best names for your business. its time to finalize a name that represents your company. So check availability on Three platforms.

Search on Google: Type your desired name on google search bar and search. Now check that the name is available or taken by another company. if Available move to next.

Domain Name Availability: Type all Selected optical store names one by one on Domain provider Search (Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc). Check what kind of domains TLDs is available if the name available in .com that`s Good if not then look for .co, .org.

Social Media Username Availability: Now its time to check social media username. because nowadays every successful business depends on Digital marketing so if your business is on all major social media sites so you have the same name to all your social media sites. so check availability of your name from the given method.
For Example

Step 6 – Test your Optical brand name.

Before register, your optical store tests your name to the targeted audience. get some name reviews to make sure you are choosing a good name rather than a false name. some of the questions are given below.

  1. How people react when listening to your optical store name?
  2. Your name convey the right message or not?
  3. it`s a good name for Your optical store?
  4. People remember your name or not?
  5. is it easy to pronounce?

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FAQ about Business Name ideas

Suggest optical names?

We have hundreds of names for you but some of the good optical names are. Lumos Optical. Light Eyes. The Eye Shop. Precious Eyes. The Seen.

How To Attract Customers From your Unique Optical store Name?

if you have a unique name people attract automatically but sometimes the attractive name doesn`t have a good logo. So choose the best name than writing a catchy slogan then create a unique logo to attract customers

Some Final Thoughts:

hope you like the Complete guide of how to name an optical store and optical tore name ideas. if you have any query write an email to or comment below.

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