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75 jewelry Business name ideas For Your Store

Jewelry business name ideas
Written by Danish Ali

Starting a new Jewelry business and looking for creative jewelry name ideas that attract more customer and increase your sale. Yes! You are on Right Place. After Deep Research and analysis we came up with creative names for a jewelry business. But you need to know what method we use to create the best names for a jewelry store.

A Catchy Name Can Make Your Business a Brand.

Before Jumping into Jewelry Store name ideas just look at our Complete guide about choosing the right business name for your business. I know Choosing a unique name is a difficult step. you have no clue about how to name your store. here are three Easy steps to come up with a good business name.

Complete Guide: How To Choose a Jewelry Business name.

Now Before we move to Business name ideas. Follow those step to Get better and unique name within Few hours. follow each thing step by step and at the end you have your New Company name.

Step 1 – Know What Factor is involved in choosing a Catchy jewelry business name.

when you choose a name some important factors involved. Startups ignore those factor and select a name that is not attracting the audience and they fail. So whenever you choose a Business name to follow those Things

What is your target audience?

Choosing the right name is depend on your target audience and their behavior, Age and their Location so pick a Pen and answer the Following answer to the given question. Then you get a better understanding of your name.

  1. What kind of Jewelry business you have? is it Gold, Silver or a Diamond Jewelry?
  2. What is your Target Audience Age, Demographic and Gender? What they exactly need?
  3. Who is Your Competitor? write the name of them and get inspirations.
  4. What is your unique Selling Purpose (USP)?
  5. Which point makes you unique from your competitors?
  6. What is your Big Idea That makes you unique?
  7. Your Business Scope? is it online, Physical, local or abroad?
  8. What are Your Skills and Expertise?
  9. What kind of stuff you need or how much?
  10. How Much Capital Do You Need To Start Business?
  11. How Much you afford to spend your budget on marketing?

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Step 2- Choose a brand archetype.

brand archetype Wheel Circle with Example
Brand Archetype Wheel Circle

The 12 Brands Archetypes All Successful businesses are built on.

Select which category you belong to. what kind of brand you have. is your brand is a rebel, ruler, or maybe creator. what kind of name do you want for your Jewelry Business?

Top 10 Jewelry Shop names in USA .

Here are some of real time existence jewelry business names in USA

  • Hannoush Jewelers – Destiny USA
  • Kay Jewelers
  • Helzberg Diamonds
  • Zales
  • Pandora jewelry
  • Choperd boutique
  • De beers
  • malani Jewelers
  • Gold USA

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Top 10 Jewelry Business names in UK

  • The diamond shop
  • Beaverbooks the jewelers
  • Berry`s Jewelers
  • Two Feathers – Native American Jewellery
  • Fraser Hart
  • Rox – Diamonds & Thrills
  • Warren James Jewellers- AYR
  • Ernest Jones
  • F.hinds The jewelers

There are some names that give you an idea that how business name is look like you have also write your competitor name above now you have clear idea that what kind of name you focus on.

Step 3 – Brainstorming for Jewelry business name ideas.

Brainstorming! the most important step when you are choosing a name for your business. Startups Fail you know why because their name is not attracting the right audience.

  1. Your Name Should be Descriptive.
  2. Use Related words about your business to Convey the right message.
  3. Your name will be simple and bold.
  4. Don’t copy Name from your competitors
  5. Avoid using your own name. it’s an old fashion nowadays
  6. Your business name should be scalable
  7. Make sure you have a related domain.

Jewelry Shop Name Types:

  1. Acronyms. Use First Word from keywords (eg. IKEA, TJX)
  2. Mash-ups. Use two words and combine (eg. Hand+ Stone = HandStone)
  3. Get inspiration from mythology and literature. use Mountains, Places and Famous things name (eg. Sahara)
  4. Use foreign words. Italian, Spanish and Persian (eg. Hunerkeda, Maisons du Monde )
  5. Use a symbol (eg. Noway, Circle Square)
  6. Remove or add an extra letter. (eg. Canforama)
  7. Pick a word from the dictionary (eg. Precious jeweler)

For Complete guide about what Types of business name suit you visit:

jewelry business name ideas
Jewelry business name ideas

Jewelry shop name Ideas list.

here are 100+ names for your Jewelry business or jewelry store. All the name is suitable for

  1. Hand made jewelry business name.
  2. Paparazzi jewelry business names.
  3. Quirky names for the jewelry business.
  4. Creative names for selling jewelry
  5. best jewelry shop names
  6. jewelry shop names ideas

Select one Name before someone take it if you have any query let us know.

  • pearls and studs
  • vintage Jewell
  • mounds of jewelry
  • funky and statement
  • delicate
  • diamond estate
  • precious
  • gold touch
  • Perl source
  • white pearls
  • diamonds and pearls
  • box of pearls
  • pearls secret
  • beads and pearls
  • glam up
  • gold and Diamonds
  • gold and gemstones
  • heart of gold
  • house of diamond
  • goldbar
  • Galleria of gold
  • OMG jewelers
  • beatniks
  • golden grace
  • junkie jewel
  • adorn it
  • Phoenix jewel
  • go diamond
  • pearls appeal
  • Pentagon diamonds
  • beads lane
  • pearl scene
  • Delux galore
  • bead n classics
  • Beadiful
  • pearlish
  • jewel bar
  • pearls and charms
  • gems assemblage
  • pot of diamond
  • gold palace
  • creek pearls
  • dreamer jewels
  • pearls inspire
  • levelup jewels
  • pearl Viking
  • gold optimum
  • beads today
  • valiant beads
  • jewelry see
  • lead bead
  • crush jewels
  • jewelry war
  • pearl reserver
  • gold charm
  • gold stuffy
  • beady bug
  • goldestic
  • luck shine
  • piecemaker
  • magic and beauty
  • huge collectors
  • fire jewelry
  • faux jewelry

Firstly Start brainstorming to get some inspirational ideas but we have secret formula there. Just brainstorm keywords that are related to your business and then insert into given Secret Formula.

Secret Formula For Jewelry Business name Ideas:

After brainstorming you have some keywords that fit to reflect your business. now give it a proper shape with Secret formula.

  • [Keyword] + jewelers (e.g Precious jewelers, luxurious Jewelers)
  • [City] + Jewelers (e.g London Jewelers, California Jewelers)
  • [Keyword]+ Wood
  •  [Keyword]+ Furniture
  •  [Keyword]+ Hub
  •  Wood + [Keyword]
  •  [Keyword]+ Society
  •  [Keyword]+ Centre
  •  The [Keyword] Furniture
  •  Its [Keyword] Time
  •  [Keyword]+ [Keyword]
  •  Location + [Keyword]
  • Furniture + [Location]
  •  [Keyword]+ Location + Hub

Now Put all your name and now you have specific jewelry store names.

Step 4 – Refine Your Jewelry Store Name.

After brainstorming and secret method now its time to refine those name into those steps.

  • Choose top 25 jewelry shop names
  • Now remove 15 names again and make a list of top 10 names
  • Now You have top 10 Best jewelry store names.

Step 5 – check availability and Test Your Jewelry store Name.

Last But important step now you have top 10 creative names for a jewelry business. Let’s search for each name on google to verify that your chosen name is not taken by other jewelry company.

Four Ways to Check jewelry shop Name Availability:

Search With Google: Type your name into google search and look that your selected name is not taken by another company.

Domain Availability: Now check the domain of your selected name on domain provider sites (GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc).

Username Availability: Now Check username on all social media sites. because nowadays the brand is incomplete without a proper and exact username.

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Some Final Thoughts:

Now you have a clear idea of how to name a jewelry shop. if you have any doubt or confusion and need help about jewelry shop name ideas Comment Below or write an email at

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