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101 Coffee Shop names and New Cafe Business Name Ideas.

Coffee shop names
Written by Danish Ali

Oh, coffee — it’s part of our daily morning routine, our life force, and at times our only motivation. So if you are thinking to open a Coffee shop or a Cafe it’s a great idea Because almost everyone loves coffee. But you need a coffee shop name that represents your business well.

when its come to open a brand new cafe or coffee shop you have to invest in recipes, buy flavors and ingredients, find an espresso machine and rent a storefront. You also have to think of the right coffee shop name that has to be able to not only make someone stop and read it, but also curios them to explore further.

A good Business name is just like cream, in a coffee when you poured them together, it was something. Something which people are bound to remember. and a bad name effected on your business success just as having black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. as it is hard to sleep after having coffee the same with success in your business is hard when you are not choosing the perfect name of your business.

Choosing a perfect name for your business is quite difficult and time-consuming. To help you and save your time. After deep analysis & researches, we came up with Unique, Trendy, Catchy, professional & innovative Coffee shop and Cafe name ideas. While making a name is a good step, you should be careful about how you do it but, there are many things to know before choosing a right name for your cafe or coffee shop we will discuss all the important steps and process one by one in this article that will help you to Boost up your business and give you 2x profit.  

What`s in a Business Name.

If you Starting or opening your own Cafe or Coffee shop and want an attractive name that shows your message to the Coffee lover and targeted audience. So if you name a company keep those key points in mind and generate a creative, unique, trendy cafe or coffee shop name that makes you a unique in the market.

  • First, of all give your cafe/coffee shop a Simple Name.
  • Secondly, it has meaning & easy to Spell.
  • it should be easy to Pronounce.
  • Use acronyms to Make a short name.
  • Lastly, it should be Memorable.

For Complete list about what’s in your business Name visit:
Complete Guide: 13 Rules to choose a Business name

After reading the complete guideness what are the important things to includes in your business name. lets jump into the next Important step.

Cafe/Coffee Shop Targeted Audience.

if you don’t know about your target audiance then you are in a trouble Now you think that why the targeted audience matter. Let me tell you that the business grows fast if you convey the right message to the right audience. but if you don`t know what`s your targeted audience and name something else to your cafe or coffee shop. How you think you can make your business successful. So before naming your cafe or coffee shop. Find what is your targeted audience?

  • What is your cafe or coffee shop target audience?
  • Your target audience is female or male?
  • what is your Target audience Behaviour, Age, Demographics, & interest?
  • Who is your competitor? (Write 10-15 of them)
  • What makes you unique from other competitors?

For More:

What kind of name type Suit to your Business?

When you are done to read the complete guides now you have a clear concept. There are more than 20 types of business names that are also an important step while creating a name for your company or shop. To know which kind of name suits your cafe or coffee shop. Here are some types of names.

  1. Give the name of Popular places, City, people and moments.
  2. Use another language word.
  3. Acronyms.
  4. Mashups – combine two words.

For Complete guide about what Types of business name suit you visit:

Create Coffee Shop Names
Create Coffee Shop Names

5 Step to Create a Cafe and Coffee Shop name.

After knowing what’s in a business name or Types of Business names. its time to move to Create a Cafe and Coffee Shop name. There are just 5 simple steps involved in this process and then you are able to create a Creative business name.

  1. Firstly, What name suit`s to your Cafe and Coffee Shop.
  2. Secondly, Choose your Shop Brand Archetypes.
  3. Go and do Brainstorming
  4. Magical Secret to get 1000+ Cafe and Coffee business name ideas.
  5. Last but Important, Finalize your Cafe and Coffee Shop name and test your Shop name.

For Complete Guide and Detail of every step Visit: How to Create a Killer Business Name.

Step by Step Complete Guide

So if you starting a new cafe or coffee shop here are 100+ cafe and coffee shop name ideas.

Coffee Shop Name Ideas
Coffee Shop Name Ideas

Cafe or Coffee Shop Name Ideas

After deep analysis & researches, we came up with Unique, Catchy, trendy, innovative & professional Cafe and Coffee Shop name ideas. that will help you to get your perfect Cafe and Coffee Shop names or it will inspire you to get idea and create your own Cafe and Coffee Shop names. you no longer have to search. So, go through 100+ Cafe and Coffee Shop names and choose your favorite one.

  1. Jimmy monkey
  2. Common man
  3. Dapper coffee
  4. Forty hands
  5. The Populus
  6. p12 Coffee
  7. The Crown
  8. Mellower coffee
  9. Oriole cafe
  10. Blue coffee
  11. Foodcliqua cafe
  12. d’good cafe
  13. yellow cup coffee
  14. Stranger’s Reunion
  15. Super28
  16. Habitat Coffee
  17. Craftsmen
  18. 4 seasons cafe
  19. Sun Ray
  20. Brawn&Brains
  21. Stateland
  22. Green Hen
  23. pekoe
  24. Simon’s Place
  25. love supreme
  26. Beanhive
  27. Coffee Drips
  28. The art of coffee
  29. Curious monkey
  30. lemon jelly
  31. Mima cafe
  32. Teo boys
  33. wooden whisk
  34. Candy Cafe
  35. urbanity
  36. Panem
  37. coffee to go
  38. Fiji
  39. butlers
  40. 2 pups
  41. Cafe Nero
  42. Purfork cafe
  43. Merrie coffee
  44. Coffee house
  45. Yummy Mummy
  46. Monmouth
  47. Coffee Aroma
  48. Divine
  49. Sodor coffee
  50. Royal cafe
  51. Eat Everything
  52. Mikel coffee
  53. Deep smell
  54. Ozone coffee
  55. Origin coffee
  56. Zona Cafetera
  57. Pink Lane
  58. All in one
  59. Brew
  60. illy cafe
  61. flat white
  62. yellow Burbon
  63. Cinamon coffee
  64. foxes cafe
  65. black truffle
  66. queen lane
  67. Hungerford
  68. Portswood
  69. Bunny cafe
  70. Fitzbillies
  71. Krunch cafe
  72. Barefoot
  73. six 8 cafe
  74. Wookey hub
  75. Aromi
  76. 1920 cafe
  77. Oliver’s
  78. Black swan
  79. The fat duck
  80. limerick
  81. Leon Cafe
  82. Mouthfull
  83. Food & Mood
  84. Snaps ray
  85. Herb & spice cafe
  86. Sweet Lemon
  87. Mojo cafe
  88. The Colors cafe
  89. Quality In
  90. Coffee Bean
  91. Kofeshop
  92. cofix
  93. coffee & milk
  94. Omg coffee
  95. Bubble Mania
  96. Cold-brew
  97. Cafe port
  98. Coffee mouse
  99. Krispy Kreme
  100. Take & wake
  101. Cannoli
  102. BunBurry
  103. Toast’d Cafe
  104. PositiviTEA
  105. Caffeeno

Hope all these names help you and inspire you.let us know which one you pick for your cafe.

Attractive Coffee Shop name ideas
Attractive Coffee Shop name ideas

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Some Final Thoughts:

These Cafe and Coffee Shop name ideas help you a lot to make your new company name. if you have any query and need help feel free to write an email at or comment below. We are here to make your company a brand.

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