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109+ Best Resale Business Names Ideas & Examples

Resale Business Names
Written by Danish Ali

Looking for catchy resale business names ideas? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, you’ll find over 109 amazing name ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re looking for a name for a new resale business or just brainstorming, these names will definitely help get you started. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired and start naming your business today!

5 Things To Add When Creating Business Name for Resale Business ?

  1. A sense of urgency-
    Your customers should know that they need to act fast if they want to take advantage of your great deals. Use words like “limited time only” or “while supplies last” to create a sense of urgency.
  2. A sense of exclusivity-
    Your business name should make your customers feel like they’re part of an exclusive club. Use words like “members only” or “by invite only” to create a sense of exclusivity.
  3. A sense of community-
    Your customers should feel like they’re part of a community when they shop at your store. Use words like “family” or “neighborhood” to create a sense of community.
  4. A sense of fun-
    Your business name should be reflective of the fun and exciting atmosphere in your store. Use words like “playground” or “toy chest” to create a sense of fun.
  5. A sense of affordability-
    Your customers should know that they can afford the items in your store. Use words like “bargain” or “discount” to create a sense of affordability.
Resale Business Names Ideas from United States.

Resale Business Names Ideas from United States.

Here are some ideas from US to get you started:

  • Second Chance Consignment
  • Thrift Treasures
  • Reclaimed Riches
  • Recycle Resale
  • Good as New
  • Pre-Loved Finds
  • Vintage Vixen
  • Retro Reimagined
  • Renewed Resale
  • Bargain Boutique
  • Savvy Seconds
  • Once Upon a Time Consignment
  • Reuse Revolution
  • Renew Resell
  • Second Wind Consignment
  • The Second Act
  • The Reclaimed Closet
  • Reuse & Recycle Resale
  • Sustainable Style
  • Thrifty Threads.

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Resale Business Names Ideas from Australia.

here are few resale business names ideas from Australia that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

  • The Second Hand Store
  • Recycle Boutique
  • Pre-Loved Finds
  • The Resale Rack
  • Vintage Revival
  • Thrift Treasures
  • The Reused Closet
  • Retro Remnants
  • Sustainable Secondhand
  • The Upcycled Wardrobe
  • Reclaimed Rags
  • The Sustainable Shoppe
  • Thrift Haven
  • Consignment Corner
  • Second Time Around
  • ReFashioned
  • The Green Closet
  • Encore Emporium
  • The Resale Revolution
  • Second Chance Style.

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Resale Business Names Ideas from Australia.

Resale Business Names Ideas from United Kingdom.

  • Secondhand Thrift
  • Second Chance Resale
  • The Elixir Emporium
  • Trendy Traditions
  • Hidden Gems
  • Relic Revival
  • Victorian Vogue
  • Upscale Resale
  • One of a Find
  • Déjà Vu
  • Yesterday’s News
  • Nostalgia Alley
  • Memory Lane
  • Precious Possessions
  • Time Traveler’s Treasures
  • The Modern Antiquarian
  • Eclectic Emporium
  • Exquisite Estate Sales
  • Once Upon a Time Consignments
  • Royal Re-use

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Creative Resale Business Names Ideas & Examples.

  • Second Hand Shopping
  • Once Used Goods
  • Re-Sale Boutique
  • Gently Worn Apparel
  • Like New Clothing Co.
  • Recycled Fashionista
  • Buy & Sell Marketplace
  • The Swap Shop
  • Cheap Thrills Resale
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Buffalo Exchange
  • Unique Thrift Store
  • Uptown Cheapskate
  • Consignment Shop
  • Hidden Treasures Resale Shop
  • Second Impressions Clothing Co
  • Freecycler’s Clubhouse
  • Savers
  • Value Village
  • Goodwill
  • Cast Offs
  • Oldies but Goodies
  • The Bargain Basement
  • The Unexpected Find
  • Second Time Around
  • Once upon a Thrift
  • Hidden Gems
  • A Penny Saved
  • Second-hand Rose
  • Thrifty Threads
  • The Vintage Vault
  • Good as New
  • Upcycled & Adored
  • Reclaimed Relics
  • Bargain Boutique
  • Fabulous Finds
  • Pre-loved Possibilities Love at Second Sight
  • New Beginnings Resale
  • Thankful Threads
  • Grateful Gifts
  • Let Someone Else Love It First
  • Saved & Stylish

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Resale Business Names Ideas from United Kingdom.

Resale Clothing Store Name Ideas

  • The Thrift Shop: A classic name for a resale shop.
  • Nearly New: A great name for a store that specializes in gently used items.
  • Once upon a Child: A play on the fairytale, this would be a great name for a children’s resale store.
  • Play it Again Sports: A clever name for a resale store that specializes in sports equipment.
  • Second Time Around: Another classic name for a resale shop.
  • The Green Thumb: A perfect name for a gardening-themed resale store.
  • The Treasure Trove: An evocative name for any type of resale shop.
  • The White Elephant: A fun name for a store that specializes in unique or unusual items.
  • Worn Again: A clever play on the phrase “worn out”, this would be a great name for any type of resale shop.
  • Out with the Old: A simple but effective name for any type of resale business.
  • Re-Runs Resale: A cute name for any type of second-hand store.
  • Used and Abused: A tongue-in-cheek name for a resale shop specializing in slightly damaged goods (perfect for someone with a sense of humor!).
  • Freecycling: This term is usually used to describe giving away unwanted items, but it could also work as a name for a resale business specializing in low-cost items.
  • Junk in the Trunk: Another funny option for a second-hand store specializing in slightly damaged or unusual items.
  • The Recycler’s Den: A great option for an eco-friendly resale business specializing in recycled or upcycled goods.
  • Second Best: This tongue-in-cheek option could work well as the tagline or slogan for any type of second-hand business (for example, “We may not be first choice, but we’re second best!”).

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Cool Resale Shop Names

  • Second Chances
  • New Beginnings
  • Fresh Starts
  • The Open Closet
  • cleansweep
  • castaways
  • out with the old
  • hand-me-downs
  • something borrowed
  • hole in the wall
  • attic treasures
  • hidden gems
  • once upon a time
  • stories
  • happy endings
  • serendipity
  • chance encounters
  • fate
  • destiny
  • coincidence
  • Secondhand Rose
  • The Clothes Rack
  • Threads 4 You
  • One Man’s Trash
  • Dress Up
  • Fancy That!
  • Treasures & More
  • The Bargain Boutique
  • Seasons Change
  • Hidden Gems
  • Plush
  • Couture Closet
  • She’s Got the Look
  • I Found it at the Flea Market!
  • Shop til You Drop
  • Junk in the Trunk Vintage
  • The Gifted Hands Thrift Store
  • Second Impression
  • castaways
  • Old is Gold

Good Names for Resale Shops

  • The Cheap Threads Boutique
  • Forever 21… and Under
  • Old Is the New New
  • Vintage Clothing Haven
  • Return to Sender
  • Twice Loved
  • Bundle Up
  • Prima Donna Resale
  • Shop Until You Drop…off Your Clothes
  • Shedding New Light on Old Clothes
  • Ragtag Resale
  • The Reclosed
  • garments r
  • Plato’s Closet 2.0
  • mottled
  • The Rack Pack
  • Goodwill Greenhouse
  • Our Closet Repeat After Me
  • Fashion Re-WIND

Unique Resale Shop Names

  • Secondhand Saints
  • Once Upon a Time Resale
  • The Vintage Shop
  • Re-Loved Treasures
  • Retro Relics
  • The Nostalgia Shop
  • Timeless Threads
  • Second Chance Selections
  • Upcycled Apparel
  • New Again Boutique
  • Given Again Gifts
  • Repurposed Home Goods
  • Freshened Finds
  • Like New Looks
  • Upgraded Attire
  • Gently Worn Goods
  • Flipped Finds
  • Loved Again Items
  • Adored Accessories
  • Cherished Collectibles

Resale Boutique Names

  • For Her and For Him
  • One Woman’s Treasure is Another Woman’s Trash
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Style Encore
  • Savers
  • Value Village
  • Divine De Classics
  • Plus Size Resale Consignment Boutique
  • Curvy Girlz Clozet Plus Size Resale Boutique
  • Full Figured Fabulosity Plus Size Resale
  • Consignment Boutique
  • voluptuous vixens vintage plus size resale
  • Keep It Curvy Consignment Boutique
  • Gently Loved Plus Size Apparel
  • Flattering finds for full figured ladies
  • Pretty Pearls Plus Size
  • reuseable fashionista
  • Upscale Recycled Fashions
  • Retro Reloved fashions
  • gently used designer duds
  • ReWearIt!
  • Second Route Clothing Co.

Important Factors to Naming your Resale Business Names as a Brand.

Starting a resale business is hard enough, but coming up with the perfect name can seem impossible. After all, the name is one of the first things potential customers will notice about your business, so it’s crucial to choose wisely. Fortunately, there are a few key factors to keep in mind that can help guide you to the perfect resale business name. First, think about what kind of image you want your business to project.

Do you want to be seen as friendly and approachable or professional and trustworthy? Once you’ve decided on the image you want to project, you can start brainstorming names that reflect that. It’s also important to make sure your name is unique and memorable. After all, there’s no point in choosing a name that no one will remember or that might be confused with another business. With these factors in mind, finding the perfect name for your business will be a breeze.

Some Final Thoughts:

Deciding on a name for your new business is tough, but it doesn’t have to be! With a little bit of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, you can come up with a great name that accurately reflects what your business does. I hope you found this blog helpful in sparking some ideas for naming your new resale business. What are some other factors you’re considering when choosing a name for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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