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321+ Artistry names Ideas & Suggestions List for your Brand

Artistry Names Ideas & suggestion List
Written by Danish Ali

Do you want to start a beauty and personal care products line business, but don’t know how? Abundant creativity and innovative idea is the first step that comes before any business startup. Are you looking to build a new beauty and personal care products line business, but don’t have original unique Artistry names for your business?

If you’re ready to expand your horizons beyond traditional product branding opportunities within the beauty industry — all of which carry well-established and widely recognized brand names — you now have a new option. It is now possible to establish a beauty and personal care products line business around your own brand name.

If you want to make your brand different from your competitor, it is important to create a branding strategy for your business. A unique branding strategy would help to make a strong brand identity of the product – helps in making & building trust between consumer & company. This will also help you to gain a top position in the market within a short span of time.

Ready to come up with an idea for your own beauty and personal care products line? Let us provide inspiration for coming up with ideas! If you already have an idea but are struggling with turning that idea into a reality, maybe we can help you here.

makeup artistry names
makeup artistry names

Artistry names Ideas & Suggestions List

In this article, I have listed some of the names that have appealed to me as a small business owner and as a customer. Most of them are unique, but if you fail to find something that suits your business then it might be worth going for a more generic name. But don’t go for any old name, make sure it is easy to spell, short enough to remember, and fits in with what your business does or offers.

  • Abundant Beauty.
  • Adored Body Care
  • Allure Abundance Beauty.
  • Altardiablos Organics
  • Amazing Abundance.
  • Ammolite Cosmetics
  • Ananda Body Care
  • Angelic Beauty.
  • Aphrodite Skincare.   
  • Artistry Beauty
  • Artistry Holistic Skin Care
  • Athena’s Divine.
  • Avani Beauty.   
  • Avalon’s Secret.
  • Avant Garden Skincare
  • Azure Organic Cosmetics
  • Badass Bodycare
  • Beautiful Skin Brands
  • Beautiful You Organics
  • Beyond Naked Skin Care
  • Blessed By Nature Organixs
  • Bliss Kiss
  • Blush Minerals by [Your Name]
  • Blue Moon Botanical
  • Boho Botanicals
  • Bronzing Arts
  • Bubble and Bee
  • Cabana Sun
  • Caribbean Therapy
  • Sea Clay Mask
  • Carolina Belle
  • Cashmere Creme for Skin Care
  • Cevelyn Beauty
  • Chakra Balancing Skincare
  • Champagne Dreams Jewelry  & Cosmetics
  • Chocolate Body Scrub by [Your Name]
  • Cinnamint Skincare.
  • Cinnamon Mint
  • Clean Kiss Organics.   
  • Cloud 9 Spa Services
  • Cloud Nine Skin Care
  • Cosmetic Tattooing & Permanent Makeup
  • Aesthetics Training School
  • Hair Salon & Day Spa Services
  •  Cocoa Cherry Body Treats
  • Coconut Oasis.
  • Comfort Zone Nail Salon
  • Spray Tan Business
  • Cultured Organics.   
  • Daisy Blue Naturals.

Creative Makeup Artistry Names

If you need help with making up makeup artistry names for yourself, use this list as inspiration and write your own unique one using the same letters or words that appear in this article. There are plenty of other creative ways you can use these words to come up with an amazing name for yourself, so try them out!

  • Beauty Alchemist
  • Color Authority
  • Fantasy Artist
  • Colorologist
  • Glamour Technician
  • Innovator
  • Texture Expert
  • Sensation Specialist
  • storyboard artist
  • skincare specialist
  • fashion consultant
  • Master of Makeup
  • Artistry Formulas and Techniques
  • Organizing Concepts Educator
  • Master Technique Specialist
  • Glamour Academy Educator
  • Makeup Formulation Specialist
  • Color Theory Technician
  • Advanced Color Science
  • Advanced Skincare Technology

Unique Makeup Artist Names

There is a lot of makeup artists out there, but only a few make the cut as being truly creative and successful with their career. If you want to stand out from all those other professional artists, then here is a list of different names that you can use for your business cards or website.

  • The Art of Beauty
  • Makeup by Roxy
  • I Heart Faces
  • Melody Moonshine
  • Hush Haley
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
  • Akasha
  • CrissRudolf
  • Five-Free
  • Dreamscape
  • Dulce
  • Kylie
  • Sugarpill
  • Makeover
  • Muse
  • Mariluz
  • Nancy
  • Leanna
  • Ume
  • Hollie
  • Kelsey Rose
  • Megannartistry
  • Pchelperrinochka
  • Queen of Blending
  • Saphiryaanns Makeup Artistry
  • Andrea Ricciardi Makeup Artistry
  • Make-up by Rosey Posey
  • Glam By Alexiaa
  • Tammy Maldonado Makeup   Artist & Hair Stylist
  • Pony Effect
  • Nadine Narinesingh Makeup Artistry
  • Kendrah O’Hazey MakeUp and Hair Design
  • Benjamin Puckey Mua/Hft
  • Chelsea Loves Beauty,
  • Samantha Erin  
  • Rippington Couture Bridal Beauty
  • Little Miss
  • Aiko Lottie
  • Belle Marie
  • Wahlstrom
  • Luciana Salazar
  • Martina
  • Gebhardt
  • Trend’s by Viona
  • Let’s Get Ready!
  • Bryoni-K Beauty
  • Natalia Gubin MakeUp & Hair Artistry (MUA/H)
  • Makeup by Zhenya
  • Shima Matos Makeup Artiste   
  • Jen Dao Mua  

Catchy Makeup Artist Names for Instagram

If you are in the market for an awesome new name for your makeup business, I have some great ideas! You can use these names to create a logo, website, and handle on all social media. This post will give you some examples of catchy names that people might be more likely to remember.

  • Miss Malice
  • ILuvMUA
  • Jade Makeup By Ilana Cohen
  • Makeup by Mireya Monreal
  • Italian Artistry   
  • Caitlin Rose Makeup
  • Hair Artiste
  • Millie Teixeira MUA
  • Angel Mischief XO     
  • Tatiana Makeup  
  • Donna Marie Trevino
  • Glam Maison
  • Liliana Jardim MakeUp
  • J.B. Cosmetics
  • Makeup by Magdeline
  • Alanna Renee  
  • Makeup by Aisha
  • Mayra Vargas Makeup and Hair       
  • Beauty Inspirations by MJ  
  • Kay Beauty Services
  • Nail Glamour
  • Royalty By Dior
  • Wolfe FX
  • MUA Makeup by Sri
  • Michèle Sherman  
  • Makeup By Roxy      
  • Anabella Mua 
  •  Nuvie Kutty
  • Chenal Beauty Therapy & Supply
  • Dazzled by Dee
  • Krizia Munoz MakeUp Artist
  • MUA for Fashion & Wedding
  • Danielle Woodson-Gibbins,
  • Desi Perkins
  • David Klasfeld
  • Julie Ragolia Khepra Mama
  • Bev Phelan-Curry
  • AnaMilena C. Fernandez  
  • Arabella Mai
  • Chanel Morales
  • GiGi’s Bridal & Special Events Jilly

New Makeup Company Names

I’m excited to share with you a list of new makeup company names that I’ve come up with. There’s something for everyone, from the best name for a cosmetics line targeting millennials to what you should call your hair care product. Get inspired and start brainstorming!

  • Decadent Body Care
  • Divine Beauty Academy
  • Divine Skin Care Products for Every Body
  • Dusty Girls Dry Skin Treatment
  • Eau My Body
  • Elemental Beauty Services.   
  • Ellie’s Botanicals
  • Enchanted Skin Spa
  • Essential Organic Skincare Line.    
  • Exotic Essence Organics.   
  • Fallen Vogue Jewelry  & cosmetics  
  • Femme France Beauty Boutique
  • Flora Belle Skincare
  • For Your Organic Pleasure.
  • Freehand Salon Spa Services   
  • Fresh Body by [Your Name]
  • [Your Name] Garden Farmacy.
  • Gilded Mattes Makeup
  • Ginger + Liz Nail Lacquer.
  • Golden Rose Beauty.
  • Good Girl Organics ,
  • Gourmet Body Treats
  • Green Tree Botanicals
  • Guiltless Glow Hair Therapy
  • Hale Eco-Body
  • Hana Natural Skincare
  • Handsome & Healthy Hair Salon Services
  • Healing Teas by [Your Name]
  • Wholesale Herbal Supplements.  
  • Herbivore Botanicals  
  • Holistic Skin Care for Men.   
  • Honied Honey Skincare Line   
  • Honeysuckle Hill Farm
  • Hot Tot Hair Removal Services
  • Hummingbird Whispers.   
  • Hydrangea Organics Skincare
  • I Dream in Nature Beauty.   
  • iDiva- Nails & Spa Services . 
  • Industrial Strength Hair Salon.
  • indigo Clay Mineral Cosmetics .
  • Izzy’s Organics for Dogs and Cats.
  • Jade Lily Skincare
  • Green Skin Care
  • Juniper Tree Supplies
  • Hidden Passions Jewelry & Skincare
  • Hoku Nail Studio,
  • Spa & Supply House of Beauty
  • Hydrate Face + Body .
  • Jungleberry Skincare & Supplies
  • Karafauna Handcrafted Soaps

Makeup Page Names

Ever notice how makeup companies have a lot of social media pages? It’s because they need to be able to market their products on every platform. We’ll help you find the perfect artistry name for your page, and get started with posts that are guaranteed to get engagement!

  • Sprout Skincare.
  • Sugar House Farm Botanicals
  • Sunshine Hair Salon & Day Spa Services  .         
  •  Sunshine Naturals by Your Name.
  • Sweet Darlin’ Body Care .
  • Tea Tree Therapy Essential Oils By [Your Name]
  • Tender Kiss Natural Body Shop.  By [Your Name]
  • The Wild One Organic Skin Care Line. By [Your Name ].    
  • Wanderlust Botanicals
  • Wholly Hemp Certified Organic Body Care
  • Your Beauty Source.   
  • Zebra Dreams Skincare .
  • Zodiac Botanicals Skin Care by [Your Name]
  • Zoe’s Botanicals for Skin, Body & Hair.
  • Zen + Sol Naturals .       
  • Organic Bath Soaks.    
  • Bamboo Charcoal Powder Salt Scrubs.     
  • Activated Coconut Shell Powder Face Scrub .

Makeup Brand Names

if you are looking for something that will stand out or something more traditional, there are names available for all needs! The best part about choosing a name is that it’s easy to get started – all you need is an idea and some creativity! Don’t wait any longer.

  • Lili B Botanicals.   
  • Karma Organic Spa Products.
  • Lemon Lime Twist Waxing Salon Services.
  • Lemon Tree Organics Skincare.
  • Lavender Green Natural Cleaning Products
  • LES ORGANICS BY [Your Name]
  • Let It Sparkle Jewelry.
  • Little Luxe Beauty
  • Labels Makeup
  • Line Locavore Skin Care
  • Little Flower Botanicals
  • Lotus Moon Essentials.   
  • Lovely Lather Cleansing Soap Company
  • Luminous Skincare
  • Magnolia Belle Cosmetics.
  • Mama Bear Organics.           
  • Mani Pedi & More .   
  • Merbunny Body Care.   
  • Midnight Violet Minerals Makeup.  By [Your Name]
  • Mineral Bliss Luxury Bath and Spa Salts. By [Your Name]
  • Beauty Collection
  • The Mud Hut
  • Musk & Moss Naturals
  • Natural Coffee & Tea Co.
  • Nude Bee Organic Cosmetics
  • The Naked Green Makeup Line
  • Ne’Qwa Art Apothecary Oils by [Your Name]
  • Orchid Grove Farms Soaps for Skin Care
  • Potted Potpourri Skincare .
  • Praise Candles, Inc.
  • Raining Rose Farm Botanicals
  • Raspberry Moon Botanicals Body Care
  • Rayne Cosmetics
  • Redeux Home Collection By [Your Name] 
  • Rose Hip Spa Supplies .
  • Reverie Naturals Skincare .
  • Rewined Candle Company
  • Roll With It Organics
  • Salt of the Earth Soap Company
  • Sashay’s Beauty Supply & Salon
  • Shea Radiance Natural Skin Care. By [Your Name]
  • The Silver Lining Jewelry Resale
  • Skin Therapy Skincare.   
  • Slice of Heaven Organic Skin Care Line        
  •  Southern Souffle Candle Company   
  • Space Coast Cosmetic Tattooing, Spa Services.   
  •  Solar Eclipse Spa Supplies & Organic Products.
  • SparkleSkin Botanicals Skincare .   
  • Spa At Home Collection By [Your Name]     
  • Moonstone Spa Products.

What`s in a Artistry Business Name?

Artistry names are important. They exert a great deal of influence on our purchasing decisions. It is for that reason that the name of the business you choose will be scrutinized by many people, which means your company needs to stand out in an industry where there is little room for error.

Here are some tips on how to find the right Artistry Names:

1) Do not enter into it lightly. Choose something memorable and meaningful. The name should reflect your business identity; it should fit with your logo, tagline and marketing collateral (business cards, letterhead etc). If possible, make sure it is easy to spell and remember.

2) Narrow down potential choices before deciding on one final name. This way, you will have more options to come up with the best possible name for your business.

3) Choose something unique. If you are planning to open a restaurant specializing in French cuisine, calling it ‘Cordon Bleu’ might work well for you. However, if there are about twenty similar eateries located within a five-mile radius of your location, you might want to think of alternative names.

4) Check domain availability. Before deciding on a name, check its availability as a website domain name or social media handle so that you do not run into problems later on. Once chosen, the Internet is unforgiving, and changing anything would mean having to re-brand everything with the new name instead of updating online profiles, etc.

5) Check social media availability. It would help if the chosen name was available on social media. If not, you might want to consider other options or settle for something that is close enough.

Some Final Words

Wow, you’ve made it all the way to the end of this article! Congratulations on ending your search for brand name ideas. We hope that our artistry names list has helped narrow down some potential names and given you inspiration for what makes a good company or product name. Have fun scrolling through them and see if any pique your interest. Let us know which ones work best for you by commenting below with your favorites!

Makeup Artist Names for Instagram
Makeup Artist Names for Instagram

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