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125 Professional Photography Business Name Ideas.

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Written by Danish Ali

Everyone likes to capture some beautiful moments in a frame and look over them when they are missing someone or some particular occasion or want to rewind their happiest moment of life. Everyone likes to save their memories and go through them in the future. We all love to click photos and making different memories. This reserving of moments is possible only by way of pictures. But you need a Professional photography business name for your business.

The trend of clicking pictures is increasing day by day because everyone wants to share their amazing life with others through perfect clicks.even for that they are ready to hire a photographer that clicks the right picture at the right time.

A photographer is only a person that shows their amazing work through their clicks.He/she is the one that reveals/discover a new world and show it in their work.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
Andy Warhol

Why Photography?

Photography is a talent, magic, and art that is not in everyone. So if you having this talent then don’t waste your talent anymore. Grab your camera and use your talent by starting your Photography Business.

Now it’s your time Grab your Camera, take an image, freeze a moment, and then reveals how rich reality truly is.

Nowadays the field of photography business gives you 2x profits but that is possible only when you have good experience in this field.
When you are starting up with your photography business you required a professional camera, other expensive equipment, strong strategy, and most important thing a perfect name.

While Creating a Perfect name for your Photography Business you have to be smart enough. You have to select a unique name for your photography business when it is heard or see it should create curiosity amongst the audience and make them want to explore your site more.

Photography is all about creativity, so the name of a photography business should reflect what uniqueness you are done in your work.
Keeping up a name is a difficult task indeed so to make your task easy we provide you with certain tips to name your own photography business.

What`s in a Business Name.

if you are interested in opening or starting a Photography business and need a name that conveys your work style to the right and targeted audience. Because if you convey the right message to the right audience your business grows faster So if you name a company the first step to know that what a name has to be. There are some rules that you have to follow while creating a business name so, keep those rules in mind and get a creative professional Photography business name ideas.

  • First, simple name.
  • Secondly, Easy to Spell & have Meant.
  • Use acronyms to make a professional name.
  • it should be Memorable.
  • Lastly Easy to Pronounce.

For Complete list about what’s in your business Name visit:
Complete Guide: 13 Rules to choose a Business name

Getting the knowledge about what kind of things includes in your business name. lets move further.

What kind of name Suit to your Business?

There are more than 30 types of business names. it is also an important step while creating a name for your company that is knowing which kind of name suits the Photography business. To know which kind of name suits the Photography business. Here are some points that show types of names.

  1. Give the name of Popular places, City, people and moments.
  2. Mashups(combine two words).
  3. Acronyms to short your lengthy business name.
  4. Use another language word.

For Complete Types of Names visit:

what is Photography Business Targeted Audience?

After reading the complete guideline you have a clear concept. Mostly peoples forget about their target audiance when they are focused on naming their business. if you are doing the same thing and not sure about your target audiance then you are in big trouble.

Now you think that why the targeted audience matter. Let me explain to you that the business grows faster if you convey the right message to the right audience. but if you don`t know what`s your targeted audience and name something else to your Photography Business. How you think you can make your business successful.

Photography has the power to capture golden moments for generations that come in the future. Hence, the same way you capture such moments, make sure just like that you capture your potential customers.

So before naming your Photography Business. Find what is your targeted audience?

  • What is your Photography Business target audience?
  • Your target audience is male or female?
  • what is your Target audience’s Behaviour, Demographics, Age, and interest?
  • who is your competitor? (Write 10-15 of them)
  • Find a reason that makes you unique from other competitors?

For More:

Create photography business name
Create a photography business name

5 Step to Create a Photography Business Name.

Now you have good knowledge about what’s in a business name or what type of Business names suit to your Photography business. its time to move to the fun part and Create a Photography Business name. There are just 5 simple and easy to follow steps involved in this process and then you are able to create a perfect business name.

  1. Firstly, Do Brainstorming
  2. Secondly, What name suit`s to your Photography business.
  3. Choose Brand Archetypes that suit to your Photography business.
  4. Magical Secret to get 1000+ Photography business name ideas.
  5. Lastly, Finalize your Photography business name and test your Company name.

For Complete Guide and Detail of every step Visit: How to Create a Killer Business Name.

Step by Step Complete Guide
Photography studio name ideas
Photography studio name ideas

Photography Business Name Ideas.

Searching the perfect name for your business is a difficult task and time taking but we are here to help you and save your time that you will spend in your other business planing because your time is much important for us.

After deep analysis & researches, we came up with Unique, fascinating, Catchy, trendy, professional & innovative Photography business name ideas. Here are 100+ Photography Business Names ideas that will definitely help you to choose a perfect name for your business and also for your inspiration to create your own business name. So, go through the list and pick your favorite one.

  • Splento
  • Events
  • The Snapper
  • Burton Photography
  • Headshot
  • The Fotos
  • just click
  • We Heart Pictures
  • PhotoStomp
  • Pixcellence Photography
  • LookBook
  • Capture Beauty
  • Celal Photography
  • Studio320
  • on Click
  • White Room Studio
  • Fotograf
  • LEVEL studio
  • Fotolayf
  • photograf
  • Wedding Visuals
  • Avangard Photography
  • Livingface Photography
  • Kissed by Light
  • Beautiful Life Studios
  • Luminous Weddings
  • Photech
  • Ten·2·Ten Photography
  • Paramount Studios
  • 5ive15ifteen
  • Clevers shoot
  • Ever After Photographers
  • TaraWeddings
  • Posh Photographers
  • Boundless Wedding
  • Ryan Photographers
  • Avenue Photo
  • special moment
  • BizPhoto
  • White Lies Photography
  • Phototerra
  • Sparks Photographers
  • Plexman Photography
  • Shotlife
  • Goodwin Photography
  • Shap of u
  • lifeimages
  • 3D Photography
  • Tiny Toes Photography
  • Imágenes
  • Art of Headshots

I hope these names are very helpful for you to get your Photography Business name. let us know which one you choose for your Photography business. Be creative, and have fun with it!

Photography name ideas
Photography name ideas

Magical Secret Formula To create a Unique Business Name.

Keeping up a name is a difficult task indeed so save your time & get the name into few hours via Magical formula. just enter the keyword and get more than 1000+ Photography Business name ideas.

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Some Final Thoughts:

“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.”
Annie Leibovitz

So, keep it up and get your name. These Photography business name ideas help you a lot to make your new company name. if you have any query and need help feel free to write an email at or comment below. We are here to make your company a brand and helps you whenever you want.

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Photography studio name ideas
Photography studio name ideas

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