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107+ Best Swimwear Business Names & Suggestions

Swimwear Business Names
Written by Danish Ali

Hello, everyone! Summer is coming up quickly and if you’re like me, you’ll want to get your business name settled on before the season starts. I’ve done a little research and put together a big list of swimwear business names for you to choose from. There are so many great ideas here, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your new venture! Whether you’re starting a small online store or opening a physical storefront, any of these names will help set your business apart from the competition. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some amazing swimwear business names!

5 Things To Add When Creating Business Name for Swimwear Business?

You have a passion for swimwear and want to start your own business. Great! You’re already on your way to success. But there’s one more crucial step: choosing a name for your swimwear business. What you name your business is important because it will be how customers identify and remember you. Here are five things to keep in mind when creating a business name for your swimwear business:

  • Keep it simple. A complex or convoluted name will only serve to confuse potential customers. Stick to something straightforward and easy to remember.
  • Make it unique. With so many businesses out there, it’s important to choose a name that will help you stand out from the crowd. Brainstorm some ideas that are unique to you and your brand.
  • Incorporate your location. If you’re planning on selling swimwear locally, consider including your city or state in your business name. This will help customers know where to find you when they’re looking for swimwear near them.
  • Use keywords relevant to your business. Including keywords related to swimming or beaches in your business name will help customers find you when they’re searching online for what you offer.
  • Have fun with it! Naming your business should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t get too caught up in the perfect name–just go with something that feels right for you and your brand.
Swimwear Business Names Ideas from United States.

Swimwear Business Names Ideas from United States.

Bikini Bottom – A fun and quirky name for a swimwear business that specializes in bikinis.

  • Beach Babe Swimwear
  • Saltwater Sunsets
  • Bikini Bliss
  • Seaside Chic
  • Ocean Oasis Swim
  • Sandy Cheeks Swimwear
  • Sun-Kissed Swim Co.
  • Aqua Luxe Swim
  • Coastline Couture
  • Paradise Cove Swim
  • Tidal Wave Swimwear
  • Sun, Sand & Swim
  • Mermaid Cove Swim
  • Coral Cove Swimwear
  • Pacific Shore Swim
  • Barefoot Beachwear
  • Dune & Sea Swim
  • Beachside Beauty
  • Salty Vibes Swim
  • Shoreline Swim Co.

Swimwear Business Names Ideas from Australia.

There’s nothing quite like summer in Australia. The sun, the sand, and the waves – it’s a formula for relaxation and fun. And of course, no trip to the beach is complete without the perfect swimwear. Whether you’re looking for a bikini, board shorts, or something in between, these 20 Australian swimwear brands have got you covered.

  • Aqua Attire
  • Beach Babe Swimwear
  • Coral Cove Swimwear
  • Driftwood Swim Co.
  • Ebb & Flow Swimwear
  • Flamingo Beachwear
  • Golden Sands Swimwear
  • Island Luxe Swimwear
  • Jellyfish Swimwear
  • Kelpie Swimwear
  • Lagoon Swimwear
  • Mermaid Cove Swimwear
  • Neptune’s Closet
  • Ocean Drive Swimwear
  • Pacific Blue Swimwear
  • Reef & Sand Swimwear
  • Seashell Swimwear
  • Tidal Waves Swimwear
  • Under the Sun Swimwear
  • Wave Rider Swimwear.

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Swimwear Business Names Ideas from Australia.

Swimwear Business Names Ideas from United Kingdom.

Looking for some inspiration for your new swimwear business? Why not look to the United Kingdom for some ideas? Here are 20 great swimwear business names from across the pond:

  • Aqua design swimwear
  • Beach Diva Swimwear
  • Beach life swimwear
  • Blue Life Swimwear
  • Coral Reef Swimwear
  • Island Escape Swimwear
  • Mermaid Swimwear
  • Nautical but nice Swimwear
  • Pineapple Dance Studios Swimwear
  • Splash About Swimwear
  • Summer Bliss Swimwear
  • Surf’s Up Swimwear
  • Surf dome Swimwear
  • The Bikini Room
  • The sun and the sand and a bottle of. Swimwear
  • Tropical heatwave swimwear
  • Water babies swim school and swimwear
  • Wet and wild children’s swimwear
  • Wild seafarer women’s designer swimwear
  • Wisteria Lane Resort Wear & Swick Warehouse

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Creative Swimwear Business Names Ideas & Example.

  • Swimwear by the Seashore
  • Bikinis and Boardshorts
  • The Beach House
  • Saltwater Boutique
  • Island Outfitters
  • The Endless Summer Collection
  • California Dreams
  • West Coast Styles
  • Seaside Fashions
  • Salt Life Clothing Co.
  • Reef Apparel
  • Coral Couture
  • Trunks & Tops
  • Nautical Noah’s
  • Ocean Blue
  • Surf’s Up Clothing Co.
  • Wavecatchers
  • Sun & Sand Swimwear
  • Sea Breeze Swimwear
  • Island Time Swimwear
  • Coastal Chic Swimwear
  • Seas the Day Swimwear
  • Tropic like it’s hot Swimwear
  • Salt Water Swimwear
  • Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses Swimwear
  • Waves of Fashion Swimwear
  • In the Swim Swimwear
  • Flirting with Water Swimwear
  • Love to swim? us too! Swimwear
  • AQUA-holic Swimwear
  • Life’s a Beach, Then You Dive In! Swimming
  • Let’s Get Wet! Swimming
  • I Live For The Water Swimming
  • Dive into Summer!Swimming
  • When in doubt, float Swimming
  • Better in salt water Swimming
  • Just Add Water Swimming

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Swimwear Business Names Ideas from United Kingdom.

Swimwear Boutique Name Ideas

  • Salty Mermaid
  • Island Bliss
  • Seas the Day
  • SecondSkin
  • The Bikini Shop
  • What a gal
  • Wanna be Amber
  • Bikinis and Boardshorts
  • Kai Lani Co
  • Surf and Turf Swimwear
  • Aqua Amore’
  • Love Sea Shoulders
  • The Coveted Coast
  • Moon Over My Shoulder
  • Dawn Patrol Swimming Co
  • Salt Water Taffy Swim Co
  • High Tide Clothing Co
  • caught in a current
  • Swell With It Clothing Co
  • Riptide Clothing Co

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Business Names for Swimwear

  • Beach Bums
  • Sun Seekers
  • Surf’s Up
  • Coasting Along
  • Salt Water Taffy
  • Caribbean Queen
  • Sea of Dreams
  • Tranquil Waters
  • Coral Reefs
  • Mermaid’s Lair
  • Atlantis
  • Shipwrecked
  • dockside lounging
  • life’s a beach
  • sandy toes
  • salt in the air
  • waves crashing
  • beach house living
  • Sandy beaches
  • toes in the sand

Swimsuit Store Name Ideas

  • Bikini Shack
  • The Beach House
  • Island Girl Swimwear
  • Seas the Day Swimwear
  • SaltWater Swimwear
  • WaveCrest Swimwear
  • Aqua Beachwear
  • Sea & Ski Swimwear
  • Sunny Day Swimwear
  • Beach Bum Swimwear
  • Island Time Swimwear
  • Coastal Chic Swimwear
  • Sand & Surf Swimwear
  • sunSeeker Swimwear
  • Palm Beach Swimwear
  • Shore Thing Swimwear
  • Splash! Swimwear
  • Summer Lovin’ Swimwear
  • Surf’s Up Swimwear
  • Wave Rider Swimwear

Best Bikini Brand Name Ideas

  • Bikini Beach Babes
  • Bikini Boutique
  • Bikini Cafe
  • Bikini Bar
  • Bikini Shacks
  • Bikini Emporium
  • Bikini Palace
  • Bikini Shangri-La
  • Bikini Oasis
  • Bikini Enclave
  • Bikini Utopia
  • Bikini Isle
  • Bikini Haven
  • Bikini Escape
  • Bikini Retreat
  • Biki Ni
  • The Bikini Place
  • Bikinis & More
  • ‘s Wet & Wild Bikinis
  • Tropical Tan lines!

Important Factors to Naming your Swimwear Business Names as a Brand.

There are a few important factors to keep in mind when naming your swimwear business. First, you’ll want to choose a name that is unique and memorable. This will help ensure that your customers will remember your brand and be more likely to return in the future.

Second, you’ll want to make sure that your name is reflective of the type of swimwear you sell. If you specialize in selling children’s swimwear, for example, you’ll want to make sure that your name conveys this.

Finally, you’ll also want to make sure that your name is consistent with the overall image and branding of your business. By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to choose a name for your swimwear business that will help it stand out from the competition.

Some Final Thoughts:

Choosing a name for your swimwear line is a big decision. There are many factors to consider, but ultimately you want a name that reflects your brand values and identity. Thanks for reading! I hope you found this blog helpful. As you can see, there are a lot of great options for swimwear business names. No matter what direction you decide to go in, make sure that your name is reflective of your brand identity and mission. With a strong name, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful swimwear business!

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