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121+ Popular St. Patricks Day Slogans & Taglines Ideas

St patrick's day sales slogans
Written by Danish Ali

If you want your brand to be associated with the holiday, make sure to use green in your message and design. You can also try using a shamrock or pot of gold in your imagery. Be creative- try to come up with a unique angle that will make people take notice of your campaign. Whatever approach you decide to take, make sure that your slogans and taglines are catchy and memorable. Looking for some great St. Patricks Day Slogans? Look no further! Here are examples that will get you in the Irish spirit.

St Patrick's day marketing slogans

Important Factors to write St. Patrick’s Day Slogans

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day and all the fun that comes with it. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to write the perfect St. Patrick’s Day slogan, look no further. Here are Important Factors to get you started:

  1. Start by brainstorming a list of words and phrases associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Think about things like luck, green, shamrocks, and friendship.
  2. Once you have your list of keywords, start thinking about how you can use them to create a catchy phrase or slogan.
  3. Keep it short and simple. The best slogans are usually short and easy to remember.
  4. Be creative! There are no rules when it comes to writing a slogan, so don’t be afraid to experiment.
  5. Ask for feedback from your friends and family. They may have some great ideas that you hadn’t thought of.
  6. Once you’re happy with your slogan, write it down or print it out so you don’t forget it.
  7. Most importantly, have fun! Writing a St. Patrick’s Day slogan should be enjoyable, so don’t take it too seriously.

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St patrick’s day sales slogans

  • “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”
  • “I’m not Irish, but kiss me anyway!”
  • “Mystic Nights and Lucky Days! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ”
    “All you need is love…and a little bit ofIrish luck!”
  • “Go green this St. Patrick’s Day with our lucky deals!”
  • “Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the right way with our amazing sales!”
  • “Get your green on with our St. Patrick’s Day sale!”
  • “All you need is luck… and our St. Patrick’s Day sale!”
  • “Find your pot of gold at our St. Patrick’s Day sale!”
  • “Our St. Patrick’s Day sale is so good, it’s almost magical!”
  • “Make all of your dreams come true with our St. Patty’s Day sale!”
  • “‘Kiss me, I’m Irish!’ – and save big with our St. Patty’s sale!”
  • “Celebrate your Irish heritage with our amazing deals!”
  • ” Go green & save big this St. Patty’s Day!”
  • “We’ve got all of the luckiest deals for you this St. Patty’s Day!”
  • “Find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with our sale!”
  • “May the luck of the Irish be with you… and our incredible deals!”
  • “Have a magically delicious St. Patty’s day with our amazing sales!”
  • “Lucky you! You’ve found the best St. Patty’s deals around!”
  • “Get your shamrocks ready… our sale is about to get started!”
  • “Wear green and save BIG this St Patricks day!”
  • “Green with envy over our unbeatable prices this holiday?”
  • “No leprechaun needed- these deals are too good to be true!”
  • “What are you waiting for? Get these deals before they disappear!”

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Best St Patrick's day advertising slogans

St Patrick’s day marketing slogans

  • “Feeling lucky?” ( perfect for a gambling or lottery campaign)
  • “The luck of the Irish!”
  • “St. Patrick’s Day is our lucky day!”
  • “Green with envy.”
  • “All you need is Luck.”
  • “Lucky charm.”
  • “I’m feeling lucky today!”
  • “Today is my lucky day!”
  • “Good luck!”
  • “Pinch me, I’m dreaming!” (referring to the tradition of pinching people who don’t wear green on St. Patty’s Day)
  • “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”
  • (For businesses) “We’re open and feeling lucky today!” or “Come in and get your luck today!”
  • (For leprechaun or pot of gold themed items) “Catch your luck today!”
  • (For bakeries, etc.)” Get your green on with our St. Patty’s Day specials!”
  • (For restaurants) “Celebrate with us and have a Lucky meal!”
  • “Wearin’ o’ the green.” (a classic line often used in songs and poems about St. Patrick’s Day)
  • “Top o’ the morning to ya!”(another classic St Patty’s day saying)
  • “Get your Shamrock on!”
  • “Just a wee bit Irish today…”
  • “Our favorite color is GREEN… especially on St Patrick’s Day!”
  • Shamrock your world with 20% off everything!
  • Go green and save with our St. Patty’s Day sale!
  • Lucky you! Get 15% off your purchase!
  • Find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with our special St. Paddy’s Day savings!
  • FeelingIrish? Get 10% off your order!
  • Get in the spirit of things with our St. Patrick’s Day sale – save on all your favorite green items!
  • Celebrate the luck of the Irish with our special St. Patrick’s Day discounts!

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Best St Patrick’s day advertising slogans

  • Go green this St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Its time to get lucky!
  • The luck of the Irish is upon you!
  • Get your green on!
  • Going green has never been so fun!
  • Show your green and be seen!
  • The more green the merrier!
  • Green is the new black!
  • Be fashionable and green this St. Patty’s day!
  • Play it safe this St. Patty’s day, don’t get pinched go green!
  • Keep it classy this St. Patrick’s day, drink your Guinness with style!
  • When in doubt, shamrock it out!
  • “Kiss me, I’m Irish”- but only if you’re wearinggreen!
  • “The Irish gave the world beer, so it was only fair that we gave them braces”
  • “On Saint Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish!”
  • “I am wearing emerald today because it represents Ireland…and my eternal love for beer!”
  • “St Patrick’s day: a day when everyone is just a little bit Irish!”- We can all use a little bit of luck from the Irish, so make sure you enjoy your St. Patty’s day to the fullest extent possible!
  • “To those who celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day: may your blessings be many and your troubles be few!”

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St Patrick's day taglines

St Patrick’s day taglines

  • “The Luck of the Irish!”
  • “Wearin’ o’ the green!”
  • “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”
  • “Leprechauns, shamrocks, and pots of gold!”
  • “May the luck of the Irish be with you!”
  • “On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish!”
  • “A little bit of Ireland in every heart.”
  • “Proud to be Irish!”
  • “Laughing all the way to the pot of gold!”
  • “A touch of Ireland in your day.”
  • “Find your lucky shamrock.”
  • “May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.”
  • An old Irish Blessing-
  • “Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you.”
  • -An old Irish toast-
  • May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door!​
  • “As you slide down the banister of life, may all the splinters point in the right direction!” – Author Unknown
  • “There are two kinds of people in the world – those who have anisky on their cornflakes and those who don’t!” –Author Unknown
  • “You know it’s going to be a bad day when you wake up and discover that your suspenders are on fire and your horn gets stuck as you`re blowing it!” – Unknown
  • “Saints preserve us!”

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Catchy St Patrick’s day slogans

  • “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”
  • “Green is the new black.”
  • “May the luck of the Irish be with you!”
  • “Luck o’ the Irish to ya!”
  • “Happy St. Paddy’s Day!”
  • “Wearin’ o’ the green!”
  • “I’m Irish and proud of it!”
  • “My blood is green!”
  • “Ireland forever!”
  • “Be proud, be loud, beIrish!”
  • “We’re all a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”
  • “‘Tis the season to be Irish!”
  • “Let’s get this party started!”
  • “The more whiskey, the more Celtic we feel.”
  • “Where’s me pot o’ gold?!”
  • “Leprechauns, shamrocks, and good luck charms… Oh my!”
  • “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough.”
  • “Happiness is being Irish on St Patrick’s Day.”
  • “Here’s to a long life and a merry one.”
  • “May your troubles be less and your blessings be more.”

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St patrick's day sales slogans

Importance of having a good St. Patrick’s Day Slogans

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated by people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are Irish or not, there is something about this festive day that everyone can enjoy.

One of the best ways to get into the spirit of the holiday is by coming up with creative and catchy St. Patrick’s Day slogans. Not only will this help you stand out from the crowd, but it will also make the holiday more enjoyable for everyone involved.

There are many different benefits to having a good St. Patrick’s Day slogan. For one, it can help you to show off your personality and sense of humor. In addition, a clever slogan can also help you to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.


With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with your very own St. Patrick’s Day slogan that will be sure to get people talking. If you need any help coming up with the perfect tagline or slogan for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you out! In the meantime, we hope that these ideas have inspired you to create something truly unique and special for this year’s festivities.

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