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105+ Unique Solar Business name ideas to get double profit

Solar Business Name Ideas
Written by Danish Ali

If you are interested to start a solar company and searching for solar business name ideas then read this article it helps you a lot. Solar energy is a relatively new form of energy. It is a natural, environment-friendly, and renewable form of energy. Above all, it is less expensive than other resources of power, and there is no fear of extinction too. 

So if you are interested in starting a solar energy company, it’s a good idea to earn handsome profits. Before starting any business, you have to go through a complete executive plan to launch and run it. And the most critical step is to name your company. Because your company name is going to be your business introduction and it should be attention-grabbing so that customers can remember you.

Here in this article, we are going through the steps to create a catchy name for your solar company. Let’s get started. 

Step 2. Define the archetype of your Solar business

When it is time to choose solar business name ideas, startup or products, it is always complicated as to where correctly to start. The very first thing is defining your company’s underlying tone of your brand, aligning your company with targeted audiences and making a strategic plan. 

Answering the following questions can help a lot to build an archetype.

  • What is your Business?
  • What is the big idea that makes you unique?
  • How much capital do you need to start solar energy?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What is the scope of solar energy?
  • How much can you afford to spend your budget?
  • What are solar energy statistics?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are your skills and expertise in the field of solar energy?
  • What approach makes you unique in the market?

Answers to the above question will help you understand how to build your company on a secure basis and take a good start. 

Step 2. Generate business name ideas

The next step is to brainstorm the name ideas for your company. There are different types of names. You just click one that describes your company best. 

1. Pragmatic name ideas 

Pragmatic names are simply descriptive names that explain the concept of value just right in the title. These are cost-effective and very popular. For example, PayPal, Netflix. 

2. Modern names 

These names sound different and fresh in the way that they derive interest and excitement. Usually, these are popular with technology startups and the fashion industry. Examples are Shopify, Hulu and Zara

3. Emotional names

Connecting the emotions with a brand is also a powerful idea as it makes rapid bonds. Strong emotions also help with memory and brand recall. Greenpeace and Triumph motorcycles are examples.

4. Clever names 

Clever names allow you to build fun and play full relayed brands. Sometimes they are humorous. 

5. Classic names

These are names which are timeless and have made a reputation. Examples are L’Oreal and Nike.

Magical Secrete to get the best solar business

 Here is a magical formula or you can call it a magic secret for naming your solar business.

  • [Keyword] 
  • [Keyword]+ lights
  •  [Keyword]+ green waves
  •  [Keyword]+ energy
  •  Solar + [Keyword]
  •  [Keyword]+ solar waves 
  •  [Keyword]+ Centre
  •  The [Keyword] panels 
  •  Its [Keyword]+ system
  •  [Keyword]+ [Keyword]
  •  Location + [Keyword]
  •  [Keyword]+ Location + rays

Step 4. Narrow down the list

Once you have created a list of names, it’s time to narrow down the list to a few names. Just select the ones most appealing, eye-catching and meaningful.  

Just keep in mind these points while making a selection for names.

  • It is short.
  • It is innovative.
  • Easy to remember.
  • It is finite and not random.
  • Free of any grammatical mistake or lingual error. 
  • It reflects your brand type. 
  • It is according to your solar industry niche. 

Don’t make a list too short here as the next two steps may need more names to finalize. 

Step 5. Check the availability of the domain name.

Domain search is also essential as it will extend your business to make contacts online. You can check on Rebrandly’s domain search that is filtered by industry.

 Or you can also search Facebook accounts twitter accounts for the same names. You will have an idea which others already use names. 

Step 6. Legal consideration 

The next step is to check whether your selected names are trademark protected or not this the last step to finalize your selected list. 

Step 7. Test your brand name 

The last step is to testify to your selected name. To test it just create a bunch of questions and ask from your fellows, family, friends and or you go for an online poll. The answers will help you understand how your brand name is going to bring recognition to your business. 

  • How do people react when they hear my solar company name?
  • Does this name convey my message?
  • Is it the right name for my solar company?
  • People remember the name just forget it after a while?
  • Is it easy to pronounce?

The answers will help you make your business a brand.

Creative & Unique Solar Business name ideas

  • Sun Fun
  • Sun Glow
  • Unisolar
  • Solar States
  • SunSolar
  • Radiant Solar
  • Solarcentury
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Future Earth Energy
  • Sun Power
  • Enviromena
  • Solar Energia
  • Orbix Solars
  • Sunergy Solar Store
  • Energy craft
  • solar Power Concepts
  • Sun Tech
  • City Solar
  • Sunrays
  • Solar Safety
  • Specialised solar energy
  • Soleil Power
  • Solar master
  • Echo Solar
  • Solar line
  • Solar Park
  • Fairyland Solar Light
  • Solar Shop
  • save solar
  • Solar solution
  • A1 Energy Solutions
  • Power Capital
  • Solar Clear
  • Sussex Solar
  • Solar Strategies
  • Energy Creation
  • Solarsense
  • The Low Carbon
  • Run By The Sun
  • Switched Positive Electrical
  • EvoEnergy
  • Energy Clever
  • Sunshine Solar
  • Energy Gain
  • Solar Air
  • Energy Converters
  • Photon Energy
  • SunGift
  • Suntrader
  • Naked Solar 

FAQ about your solar company 

1. How necessary is it to choose a Solar business name ideas?

The business name is key to success for any company. If you select a proper name, it will convey the right message to the right people. It will help you grow fast and earn the right amount of profit. 

2. How important is to test your selected name?

Testing your company name is also very important as it will give you an insight into how you are going to be perceived by the audience. If reviews about your selected name are not so encouraging, you can change it in initial stages without wasting much effort and money. 

3. How to attract an audience by your company name?

If your selected name conveys a right message to people that how safe, environment-friendly and cost sufficient energy you are providing then people will surely attract to your company and would like you to give a try to solar power. 

4. Need opinion for your Solar business name ideas

If you need any professional help or opinion regarding the name or slogan selection, please do contact us on 

Final thoughts about Solar business name ideas

The need for alternative sources of energy is growing day by day. We need some safe and secure modes of energy generation as our globe is getting more warm and polluted. If you want to play your role and also want to earn a ha sine profit, then it’s a fit business idea for you. Just go through the I risk steps to startup. Need any help, please do let us know comment below. 

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