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101 Catchy Shampoo names ideas and suggestions for best sell

Shampoo name ideas
Written by Danish Ali

Want to start a business of beauty and style? Does it relate to hair? and you need unique, creative and catchy shampoo names ideas? You need to start with an exceptional brand identity. Haircare products are used by almost everyone and in every home. It’s part of our daily routine. Launching a new brand is a good idea if you have enough knowledge about hair care treatment, conditions, and requirements. You need to make a complete business plan and and and strong marketing strategy to make your position among the giant’s brands of this industry.

The very first thing which people come to contact is your brand name. Selecting a good attractive and comprehensive name for your shampoo is a challenging task. Let’s get started in this article on how to select a good name for your shampoo. 

Complete guide on how to select a name for your shampoo

Step 1. Generating The Shampoo names ideas 

Healthy, shiny and beautiful hair is the dream of everyone generally and women’s especially. Select a name that attracts customers. Generating a brand name is a challenging task as you want it to be unique and appealing. You need to know the answers to these questions. 

  • What is your product?
  • What is the big idea that makes you unique?
  • Your shampoo is more suitable to children, men, women or it is for everyone generally. What is your target audience?  
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your shampoo business scope?
  • What are your skills and expertise regarding this field?
  • How much do you spend your budget in this field?
  • What is your capital to start this business?

You need to know the detailed answers to these questions so you can take a good start. According to research, 90% of new businesses fail because they don’t get real answers to these questions.

Step 2. Define your business archetype

For an effective and appealing brand name, it is necessary to define a business archetype. means what your brand is going to represent in the market. What kind of product you are going to introduce and what are its benefits. These points will build a strong attraction point for customers as to why to buy your shampoo and not of others. 

Step 3. Generate business name ideas 

Brainstorming the names for your shampoo is a good idea. But you have to consider some points while generating your shampoo name.

  • Be descriptive but not too general or vague
  • It should be short.
  • It should be innovative.
  • Easy to remember.
  • It should reflect your brand idea
  • It should be relevant to your industry niche. Don’t be so different that no one could understand your product. 
  • It should be definitive but not random
  • There should be no lingual or grammatical mistakes.

Step 4. Narrow down a few decent names 

Once you have made a list of shampoo names, following all the above rules, then IT’S time to select some really good one and appealing names. Just narrow down your list to the most innovative, unique and comprehensive ones. That describes your shampoo best. 

Step 5. Check the domain availability 

The next step comes to. Heck, the domain availability of your desired names. Every name you selected may not be available. It may be reserved by someone else. Don’t freak out. You have some other good names on your list. You can check domain availability in Rebrandly’s domain name check, which is filleted by industry. 

Step 6. Check legal consideration 

Now the last step is to check that your selected shampoo name is not trademark protected. If so you change to some other name. You can check traffic mark protection at Namechk and the US patent office.

Step 7. Test your brand name idea

Now the one final step is to test your shampoo names ideas. It is very necessary, and it will give you an insight into your selected name before you launch your product in the market. 

Just ask this question:

  • How people react when they hear your shampoo name for the first time.
  • Is it a good name for your shampoo?
  • Do it convey your brand message?
  • Is it memorable or people just forget it?
  • Is it easy to pronounce?

You can ask these questions to your family, friends, and colleagues. You can also go for an online survey. Or if you have an existing customer of your other products, you can ask them to give reviews. 

FAQ about Business Name ideas

1. How to choose the best shampoo names ideas?

Just remember that your product is going to a market where already shelves are filled with different brands. Choose a name that is unique enough to get the attention and at the same time, describes your UNIQUE SELLING PURPOSE. 

2. How to attract customers to your product?

The answers are your unique selling proposition, and your marketing strategy will attract customers to your product. 

3. Need opinion for your selected name?

If you have come to finally choose some name and need some opinion, then leave a comment below. We will give you a review. 

Catchy & Attractive Shampoo name ideas

  • Feel Fresh
  • Blossom
  • All nourish
  • Organic Mild
  • Diva
  • Natural extract
  • Milky smooth
  • Bath & Body
  • soft & Fresh
  • Better Joe
  • hairdressing
  • Hair Fusion
  • Chick curls
  • Freezy free
  • Fresh Hair
  • Nature leaf
  • Premier Hair
  • Sally Beauty
  • Chem-Dry
  • Super Wow
  • Nevin Hair
  • Medipharm Shampoo
  • Lush
  • Flair Hair
  • Natural Care
  • Rich Shampoo
  • Pleasant
  • happy hair
  • Oh’real
  • Tangle-free
  • Silky smooth

Final thoughts about shampoo names ideas

Starting a shampoo business is a good idea as there is always enough space to get entrance into the beauty industry. And this industry never lacks customers. So if you make a strong marketing plan, choose a good name and invest a smart amount, there is a chance that you will boost your business. And you are going to earn a handsome amount back. 

if you have any query let us know on or comment down below. we are here to help you.

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