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109+ Perfect Red Ribbon Week Slogans & Examples Ideas

Red Ribbon Week Slogans
Written by Danish Ali

Red Ribbon Week is a drug prevention campaign that takes place every October. The red ribbon is a symbol of commitment to living a drug-free life. During Red Ribbon Week, schools and communities across the country hold events to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. One of the most popular ways to participate in Red Ribbon Week is to wear a red ribbon or shirt with a Red Ribbon Week slogans.

Some popular slogans include “Drugs are Scary, Be Drug Free,” “Be Cool, Follow the Rules, Don’t Do Drugs,” and “I’m Too Smart to Start.” Wearing a Red Ribbon Week slogan is a great way to start conversations about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It also shows that you are committed to living a drug-free life. So make sure to wear your red ribbon or shirt with pride during Red Ribbon Week!

Red ribbon slogan ideas

Important Factors to Write Red Ribbon Week Slogans

Red Ribbon Week is a time to focus on staying drug-free, and writing slogans is a great way to spread the word! Here are 5 important factors to keep in mind when writing Red Ribbon Week slogans:

  1. Keep it short and sweet: A slogan should be easy to remember, so choose your words wisely!
  2. Make it catchy: A good slogan will make people want to read it or even chant it along with you! Use rhyme, alliteration, or even puns to make your slogan stick in people’s minds.
  3. Keep it positive: Slogans should focus on the benefits of staying drug-free rather than the negative consequences of using drugs. Think about what you want people to remember about Red Ribbon Week and use that as your inspiration.
  4. Use action words: Action words like “pledge”, “commit”, and “join” can help make your slogan more powerful. Use them to call on others to join you in your commitment to stay drug-free.
  5. Get creative: Have fun with your slogan! Be creative and stand out from the crowd. Be sure to use bright colors and eye-catching fonts to really grab attention.

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Red ribbon slogan ideas

  • Be Drug Free–For Life!
  • Achieve Your Dreams…Drug Free!
  • Character Counts…Be Drug Free!
  • Come Together Against Drugs
  • Decisions Determine Destiny…Choose wisely!
  • Drug Free–The Way To Be!
  • Drugs Destroy Dreams
  • Get Hooked On Life, Not Drugs!
  • I Have A Dream…To Be Drug Free!
  • Invest In Yourself…Be Drug Free!
  • It’s Hip To Be Square…Say No To Drugs!
  • Keep Calm And Say No To Drugs
  • Kickin’ It Drug Free Style!
  • Let’s Make A Stand Against Drugs!
  • Life Is Better When You’re Sober
  • Lifes A Beach…Stay Drug Free!
  • Love Yourself…Live Drug Free!
  • On A Quest For Success? Stay Drug Free!
  • One Choice Can Change Your Life–Choose To Be Drug Free!
  • Pixie Dust Won’t Fix Addictions–Stay Strong & Say No To Drugs
  • This Is My Story…I Choose To Be Drug Free!
Tagline for red ribbon week

Red ribbon slogan list

  • Keep the Promise: Keep Yourself and Others Drug Free
  • Put a Lid on Drugs
  • Your Future: Be Drug Free
  • That’s Out! Just Say No to Drugs
  • Think Before You Drink
  • Alcohol is Linked to Crime
  • Respect Yourself, Say No to Drugs
  • I’m worth it, I won’t do drugs
  • There’s no place like sober
  • Kick drugs out of our schools
  • Keep kids off drugs
  • Work hard, stay drug free
  • It’s not only a choice, it’s a life
  • Get high on life, not drugs
  • One life, live it drug free
  • The best me is drug free
  • I’m too smart to start
  • I won’t let drugs control my life
  • Don’t be a jerk, don’t do work
  • Get your head out of the gutter
  • Life is one big party, don’t meth with it
  • Be happy, be bright, be you!
  • Put a cap on drugs
  • My character shows; I’m drug free
  • Don’t let drugs sneak up on you!
  • Drugs send you on a trip…to prison!
  • Keeping drugs out of our schools and communities
  • Keep your mind sharp, say no to drugs!
  • Don’t be swayed, be Drug Free!
  • Only fools do drugs
  • ‘Just Say No’ still works!
  • is Drug Free and so can YOU!!!
  • is a Drug Free Role Model!!
  • stays away from STUFF that’s not good for them!!
  • Believes in Being Healthy and Drug Free!!
  • Chooses to Be Happy and Drug Free!!
  • chooses to live Life Clean and Sober!!
  • will stay away from people that do DRUGS!!!
  • knows that DRUGS are for FOOLS!!!
  • being Drug Free is COOL!!!
  • being Drug Free is the best choice I could make!!!

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Tagline for red ribbon week

  • “Saying no to drugs is the key to a bright future!”
  • “Donate your time and energy to prevention!”
  • “Reducing drug demand starts with me!”
  • “Be a role model – lead by example!”
  • ” Drugs are deadly serious – don’t be fooled!”
  • “Just say no to drugs – it’s as simple as that!”
  • ” Drug use is a choice – make the right one!”
  • “There’s nothing ‘cool’ about drugs!”
  • “Don’t be a victim of drug abuse – get help!”
  • ‘ Just because’ is never a good enough reason to try drugs!”
  • “Speak out against drugs, and speak up for life!”
  • “My life, my choices – I’m drug free!”
  • “No one has the right to put drugs in my body!”
  • “I am valuable, loved, and worth saving – I choose life!”
  • ” Alcohol is a drug too – don’t let it control you!”
  • ” Recovery is possible – don’t give up hope!”
  • ” Every day, I’m grateful for another day clean and sober!”
  • ” The only ‘gateway drug’ is the one that leads to more recovery!”
  • ” There comes a time to choose between what’s easy and what’s right.”
  • ” Your life is your story – write a happy ending!”
  • “Today, I choose life! Will you join me?”
Red ribbon slogan list

Best titles for red ribbon slogan

  • Live Life in Living Color
  • Leave a Lasting Impression
  • It’s Time to Stand Out
  • Be Bright. Be Bold. Be You
  • Unleash Your personality
  • When in doubt, add red
  • A little sparkle goes a long way
  • Red is the new black
  • Turn heads and break necks
  • Not feeling like yourself? Add some red
  • Stop and stare
  • Too hot to handle
  • Bring the heat
  • Hotter than fire
  • Burning up the night
  • On fire!
  • Let your light shine bright
  • Light up the world with your smile
  • Stand out and be proud
  • Unapologetically you
  • The sky is not the limit, your imagination is!

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Importance of Having Good Red Ribbon Week Slogans

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated annually in late October in the United States. The weeklong event is held to promote drug awareness and prevention among young people. A wide variety of activities are typically held during Red Ribbon Week, including school assemblies, parades, and poster-making contests. A key component of these activities is the use of Red Ribbon Week slogans.

These slogans help to raise awareness of the dangers of drug abuse and encourage young people to lead drug-free lives. Some popular Red Ribbon Week slogans include “Be Happy, Be Bright, Be Drug Free!” and “Don’t Let Drugs Take Away Your Dreams.” By using catchy and imaginative slogans, Red Ribbon Week organizers can help to engage young people in the drug prevention message and inspire them to make positive choices.

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Red Ribbon Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness for the dangers of drug abuse. This year, the campaign’s slogan is “Your Future Is Key- Make It Drug Free.” The goal of this slogan is to remind people that their future depends on them making good decisions now and staying away from drugs. If you or someone you know needs help getting sober, please visit our website for more information about how we can assist you. Thanks for reading!

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