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117+ Stylish Men Clothes Name Ideas to attract more customer

Men Clothes Name Ideas
Written by Danish Ali

If you are thinking of starting your menswear shop and want good and unique Men Clothes name ideas? Starting a new business is a very time taking process which takes energy, time, passion, and also honesty. First of all, you decide which type of menswear shop you want, it is a store or retail or online business. Because choosing a good and perfect menswear shop business name is as important as your business itself. A good or perfect name is the most important thing when we start our new business.

Nowadays the men’s fashion industry is the same way bigger or modern as the women’s clothing industry. Menswear industry is rapidly growing and expanding to a new level which is a good thing for our generation. 

So if you decided to start a menswear shop then find how a good and creative name is useful for your business. In this article, you are going to know about the Do and DON’TS of creating a suitable name for your menswear shop. 

Complete guide on how to choose a business name 

Step 1. Creating a brand avatar

Know what’s makes a catchy name. Choosing a right or perfect name for your menswear shop always attracts more customers to your shop. A creative name is a basic and most important function and process of every business. Because a good name is the most important function of Marketing.

  1. What is your business?
  2. What is your target audience’s age, demographics and gender?
  3. How much capital do you need to start your menswear business?
  4. What point makes you unique from your competitors?
  5. What is your unique selling purpose?
  6. Who are your competitors in the menswear shop business?
  7. How much do you afford to spend on your business?
  8. What is your business scope?
  9. What are your skills and expertise in your field?

Step 2. Create your brand archetypes.

Archetypes mean to clearly define the type of your menswear business and what’s menswear business is going to represent your potential customers. If you define your business type then it will be easier to select a name for your menswear business.

 Step 3. Generating Men Clothes Name ideas

If you generate a name for your business you should follow these steps.

1. Brand yourself.

First of all, you define your business and its goals.

2. Address your potential customers.

The most important thing to address your targeted customers whether they are educated, non-educated, healthy, rich or any kind of people.

3. Your name should be simple.

Your name should be simple and easy to remember.

4. Come up with some simple and easy adjective-noun phrases.

Try to use some easy and simple words which use adjective and noun phrases.

5. Target your market.

Target your audience is important as well as target your market is also important to your business.

6. Use a proper name.

Using a proper and unique word is important for your business.

7. Try to make a new word.

If you generate a unique name for your business, you mix two different names to make a new word.

8. Play with words.

While you generate your business name, it will attract customers more if you play with words and make a unique name.

Business name types. 

There are four main types of business names.

1. The real-world business name

Sometimes companies use familiar words for our business instead of real-world business names. these familiar words contribute a lot to your business.

2. The descriptive business name 

A descriptive business name is one that essentially describes a product, service, and material by identifying some ingredients, quality or characteristic of that product.  Descriptive names clearly describe the type of business. 

3. The compound word business name.

Compound word business name and concept tend to be interesting and unique because Compound words are a combination of two common and uncommon words together to make a new word.

4. The associated name ideas.

 Associated words can be highly successful business names. Because these associated business names have strong meaning and provide a strong back-story other than other types of names. It uses suffixes, prefixes or even misspelling of other common words.

Step 4. Narrow down a few decent names. 

When you final your business plan and make a list of all suitable names for your menswear business by following all these steps then narrow it down to reach a final decision. 

Step 5. Check the availability of your brand name ideas.

Just do a domain name search to know whether your selected name is used by someone else or not. You can use Rebrandly’s domain name search that is filtered by industry. OE you can check for twitter accounts and Facebook pages by the name of your selected list. 

Step 6.  Legal consideration

Now the final step is to check whether your selected name is trademark protected or not. Use searches as the namecheck or the Us patent office.

Step 7. Test your brand name.

 Now you test your select menswear shop name through all these questions.

  • How do people react when they hear your menswear shop name for the first time?
  • Do it convey your message?
  • Is it a good name for your menswear shop.?
  • Do people remember your menswear shop name or just its just forgettable?
  • Is it easy to pronounce?

If you have exciting customers for some other product or you have Facebook followers just do a survey. Or you can use online survey tools. 

Unique & stylish Men Clothes Name ideas

  • Glam Up
  • Custom Fashion
  • Dress up
  • Virgin Stitch
  • Fashion Blast
  • Suit Boot
  • Freestyle
  • Vintage Fiber
  • Elegant wear
  • Blue 4 you
  • Fashion Fusion
  • Sleek Beauty
  • Closet Love
  • Fashion Crew
  • Fashion Flavour
  • Quality Wear
  • Fashion Affair
  • Classic Look
  • Cross stitch
  • Burst of Fashion
  • King of Fashion
  • Fashion Plante
  • Well Groom
  • Fashion World
  • Universe Wear
  • Uniqueness
  • Suit to Fit
  • Thunder Mode
  • Fashion Hub
  • Fashion sense
  • Trendy Fashion
  • Closet Love
  • Black World
  • Mood Fit
  • ThreadBare
  • Thread War
  • Freestyle
  • Young & Stitch
  • Youthful touch
  • Bright Blue
  • Little Spark
  • one 2 all
  • Dress me
  • Fashion point
  • Suit me

FAQ about business name ideas

1. How to choose a business name?

Ans: First you select your business and the type of the business according to your interest, then try to think of a suitable name for your menswear shop business.

2. How to attract customers from your unique business name?

Ans: If your menswear shop name is different and catchy, it will attract more customers to your shop. 

3. Need help to choose the best name for your menswear shop?

And: This article will help you in choosing your menswear shop name if you need to get more help please do let us know. 

4. Need opinion for your selected menswear shop names?

Ans: if you select the name of your menswear shop. And need an opinion about your selected name then you conduct a survey or go to some online voting. 

Final thoughts about Men Clothes Name

Your business name is a gateway to your products as well as your services that you are given to your potential customers. If your name is more unique and creative it will attract more potential customers to your menswear shop. 

Have you recently started a menswear shop and in search of some good name please do let us know at or comment below. We are happy to help you.

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